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Workshop Update

Ogden, Utah: Saturday, May 28th 9am–FULL!  However, the cupcake shop said we could squeeze in a few extras, so let me know if you are aching to come and you haven’t signed up yet.

 Houston: Saturday, June 4th 9 am–7 seats left This will be held in Spring/North Houston.  This one is the one coming up that I am most anxious to fill… It’s my hometown!

Dallas: Saturday, June 25th 10am–2 seats left This will be held in Plano

San Diego, California: Saturday, July 23rd 10am–5 seats left location undecided yet

Austin–Saturday, August 6th 10am–6 seats left Round Rock location

Now, 2 things:

1) If you live in Austin, Houston, Dallas, or San Diego/LA and either post on facebook or twitter about my workshops, I will send you one of two e-gifts.  Either a landscape image I have taken (for you to print any size) or a copy of my workshop notebook ($25 value).  If someone signs up that you referred, I will send you both!  Use this link when posting: and keep it up for 24 hours on a weekday.

2) I have had several in Arizona interested, and I thought I’d pencil in a date if I can get a pretty hefty interest.  Comment here or fill out the contact form above if you would attend a workshop in AZ and tell me what major city you are closest to.  It would likely be in August or September.  Before I announce a date on my site, I will email that list to run dates by you to try to accomodate.  Feel free to post the above link to see if you can get others in AZ interested.

For more info on the workshop, click here.

Now for a few pics taken the day of my daughters birthday party, we went to a local kiddie park called Kiddie Acres and rode a few rides. She was a teensy scared of most of them.

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  1. Donna Anderson says:

    Kristin, we’ve been emailing about the Dallas workshop, which I can’t make because of vacation plans. But I just realized the June 4 workshop in Spring/Houston would be perfect (my daughter and grandson live in Humble), so sign me up for that one. Let me know what to do about payment. So excited it will work out!

  2. I’d be interested in the Arizona workshop. But do you realize how miserably hot it is here in August and September? :) I’m in Mesa.

  3. Jennifer Nielsen says:

    I live in AZ and would be estatic if you did a workshop here! I will talk to some of my friends and try to round up some more interest down here. I live in Scottsdale but will travel anywhere in the valley for your workshop! Thanks!

  4. I live in Arizona!! And while I probably wouldn’t take the workshop (not because I wouldn’t love to, but because I never use my camera on auto!) I would love to meet you in person if you do come! I hope you get enough interest. I’ll start spreading the word.