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What to wear in Summer Family Portraits

This is just to give you an idea of what to think about when deciding on clothing for family portraits in the summertime.  Bright and coloful.  Coordinating, but not matchy-matchy.  I am loving the short sleeved cropped cardigans from Old Navy in a variety of colors!

 Do you see how one floral/patterned outfit is selected and all of the other colors pull from that?  Think of a color scheme you like and then find pieces to fit that.

Do you have plans for summer portraits this summer???

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  1. Cute! Now I just want to buy all of that!

  2. Oh thank you for this! I am trying to put together some outfits for our next session and these ideas are great! Would love to see more of this on your blog! Stopping by from Little Miss Momma :)

  3. Charity says:

    What great talent you have! Wonder if any would rub off onto me if I read your e-book? I heard about it from Little Miss Momma and checking out your site. Keep up the good work!

  4. How do you put together the coordinating outfits that you show us? Is there a website that lets you select the clothing and accessories and puts it all together in one picture for you? I’d like to put some together for my website.

  5. I love the tiny flowery dress with the pink shoes. They are so cute and colorful.