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Holiday Fashion~6 Christmas Outfits

I realized I was attending 6 Christmas events in 5 days, so I challenged myself to craft unique yet festive outfits for each one. I like to wear red or green or both for holiday parties and events, and knowing that in one extended weekend, I had several places to go and with generally the same group of people, I knew I wanted to shake it up.  I didn’t buy anything new once I had decided this (though a few items are new this season).

Ok…silly pictures in this first set.  I was trying to show my red heels under my black pin striped pants…so I  had to take extreme measures. My 6 year old took these…standing on a cooler outside. This night, I hosted our church womens Christmas party at my home. I got the Steve Madden red heels at Good Will last year. Belt: Charming Charlie’s. Headband: Ruffles & Fringe etsy.

One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Sydney at The Daybook, mentioned colorful jeans this year.  My first reaction was not to run out and get some, but it settled a little and the desire for red jeans wouldn’t leave my mind.  I got a pair at Old Navy and Target, and the Old Navy fit best (though Target’s were cheaper, I took them back).  I felt feisty in them, and I kinda liked it.  Hubby liked them, too;)  Green purse, a friend brought back from the streest of NYC.

I wore my green crocheted hat and jingle bells necklace to our church family Christmas breakfast.  The kids liked both.

To church:  Target green sweater, boots from DSW, red scarf and earrings from Charming Charlie’s.  All this season, all for our family Christmas card.

I hosted a Christmas lunch with my friends and wore this red sweater I got 10 years ago, and pull it out every Christmas.  I don’t really have that many scarfs, but I do have a red and green!  My friend Lexie gave me the green scarf from Charming Charlie’s for my birthday last July.

Lastly, my current favorite shirt from Forever 21.  I got the necklace from an etsy shop, Kaitlin’s Kreations.  And I got all crazy and daring and took some of Sydney’s other advice and got some hot red lipstick as another accessory (I also wore it with the red jeans above, but got it after the picture). My hubby said I was “kissable” which I enjoyed…but couldn’t let him kiss it off too early…;)

   I think for our last holiday party this week, I’ll do the striped shirt with the red pants…yes?  Linking up to The Pleated Poppy and other What I wore Wednesday gals.

See more of my Christmas Fashion in Part II!!


Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. The red lip looks nice on you! And I love the black and white stripes! You always look so put together. I am lucky to find a nice pair of jeans that fit. ;o) Although, shopping is much more fun now that I can look for smaller sizes! :o)

  2. You look great! I love your green hat! And you can really pull of red lipstick!

  3. Cute outfits Kris. I LOVE black and white. It’s so fun to accessorize…red, hot pink, yellow, turquoise, you name it, it looks so great with black and white. I love that we have the same red flats. :)

  4. I am in love with STRIPES so I absolutely adore your shirt! All of your outfits are super cute…and I love the kiddos in the shots too :) Such a fun mama! xoxo

  5. You are just too cute. I can’t stand it. Please come to Arizona and go shopping with me. My wardrobe needs some major making over and I think you should do it! :D

  6. you look too cute. love your bright green purse. your first outfit shoot looks pretty much like mine always do when my husband takes the pics… :)

  7. you look too cute. i love your bright green purse. your first set of photos is adorable. that’s usually how mine turn out when my husband is taking the pics :)

  8. love all the outfits and color combos!!! you look great!! I also love the smiley face you added to that one shot!! made me chuckle;)

  9. Love all of the outfits! My fave for Xmas would have to be the red sweater and green scarf! I’ve never worn too much color on my lips but you made me want to give it a try! Gonna have to get some new lipstick! :)

  10. i love your green hat! so festive and cute!!

  11. darling pics Kristen! Love all the green and red and the red lipstick is totally great on you. Cute cute!

  12. I am loving the red and green, you make it look so cute!
    I also wanted to share that I am doing a giveaway
    over on my blog , hope you join in =)

  13. I have noticed each on of these outfits. you are gorgeous my dear! and so very festive. you want to know my holiday color? Black. oh and it’s my “all year round” color too! haha maybe I need to broaden my horizons… year. I’ll be festive, you’ll see.

  14. How fun! You look fabulous!

  15. Wow, I love the clothing choices! Cute~ cute~ cute! The red lipstick is fun too, I could never pull that off! I took pictures of my girls and one of them used the red lipstick too, turned out pretty cute. You can see those here if you want to see how they turned out…

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  16. Fabulous! You’ve inspired me to add a red and a green scarf to my current collection!
    Love the red jeans!

  17. wow, that is a ton of parties. I love all of your ideas, they are fabulous.

  18. Great outfits! I like them all! And I can’t believe your 6 year old took those first photos…impressive! Would you share this great post here?

  19. love most of those looks and that last shirt is soo cute.. love the red lips and kissy face!

  20. Love those festive outfits! And, where did you get that green hat???? Did you crochet it? I NEED that pattern. So adorable.


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