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What I Wore Wednesday~A peek into my closet

I’ve heard from so many of you that you love this What I wear Wednesday feature, so I’m bringing it back…every once in a while.

Sometimes, I get the hankerin’ to coordinate with my girls when we go to church…you know…as if we are going to do a little photo shoot or something;) It’s always on my mind…I found my leopard print heels at Ross a while back, and wasn’t sure I could pull them off, but I always say that if you like something enough, anyone can pull it off (if only in our own minds).  When my daughter reminded me that someone gave her a leopard print skirt, we went for the coordination. Little one just jumped into the color scheme.

I took pictures for the High School tennis team the other day, and wore my KDP shirt. About 2 years ago, I uploaded my logo to and made a few t-shirts to wear out when I shoot. That way I don’t have to think about what to wear–easy uniform!

Same jeans below with an Old Navy sweater and 2 year old payless shoes. Oh, and the hat…it comes off and on throughout the day, so I thought I’d show both. I caught a little wind in that left shot. Thanks to my 11 year old photographer.

A few days ago, I got my hair trimmed and thought I’d take a before and after. It had been months, and it was becoming unruly.  I am blessed with a thick head of hair, I actually have it thinned out some, because I can get headaches it’s so heavy…especially now that it’s long. So my before…not so “done” and the after that my hair gal made all fancy.  I generally can’t re-create what they do, but I think I can maybe do this…

My top is from Kohl’s a few months ago (the pink part is sheer, white shirt underneath), jeans from I can’t remember, Shoes from Forever 21 about a year ago.

Below was my attempt to mimmick the hairstyle 2 days later…decent? I got the top sweater, shirt, belt from Charming Charlie’s a month ago.  Can you see my pink feather earrings? My heels are gray, but it’s hard to tell from this picture.

That’s all, folks!  Linking up to The Pleated Poppy’s What I wore Wednesday link party.  CLICK HERE to see what others wear!


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  1. Pretty outfits! Love your customized t-shirt. That’s a great idea. I should give my sister-in-law this link. She’s a photographer in FL. A t-shirt would be perfect for her. I also think the leopard print matching outfits is adorable.

  2. LOVE the leopard heels and you totally pull them off! All great outfits. And your hair is so pretty, I always wanted thick hair. :)

  3. you are totally pulling of the leopard heels! love the bottom most outfit especially.

  4. Thanks for bringing back these posts…I always enjoyed them! Fun to see what others wear!!

  5. I have so much to say to this post I almost feel like we should be talking and not writing. :)
    I love the coordinating girls. You all look great and seriously… your girls are adorable!!!
    Cool shirt and great camera bag! Where is it from again??
    You have such beautiful hair and the haircut looks great. Good job with styling it like “they” can. :) I´m horrible at that.

  6. Jacqueline says:

    Like the Sunday outfits, Love the hat!

  7. You are so adorable! I love that even your relaxed outfits day still look awesome! Love those flower flats.

  8. You are too cute! Love all of your outfits and your hair is to die for.

  9. Suzanne says:

    You have trained your 11 year old photographer well! Great shots.

  10. Kristen Duke says:

    Thank you, everyone! My camera bag is from Jo Totes. And yes, my 11 year old does awesome with my requests!

  11. I just LOVE your blog!!! Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  12. Thanks for bringing this back! I feel like of everyone posting their fashion on blogs now a days, your style is the one that most closely resembles mine and I love that. Love that dress and the leopard print shoes, so darling!

    I hope to take your class some day when you do it in Utah again.

  13. Norman hill says:

    Three beautiful girls. Unbelievable goodness. You are truly magical!

  14. Norman hill says:


  15. Look at you in your leopard shoes. You totally pulled them off, and you look so beautiful in that picture. In all of these pictures. I can’t believe how long your hair has gotten since I saw you last. Very Pretty! (In the voice) :) You really were blessed with a gorgeous head of hair. My thin little feathers are a little bit jealous. ;) Love these cute pics, thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh my gosh, how cute are you and the girls, I love the polka dots!