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What I wore Wednesday #8

If you are  new around here and unsure what this is, go to my original post , and to see my past 7 WIWW’s, click here.

Ok, so my facial expression below leaves much to be desired, but it showed my outfit/hair the best. Another top from Charming Charlie’s.  Hard to tell the white on top is lace, I work a snug white shirt underneath. I tried a black one (to show off the lace more) but didn’t like it so well.  I got some “lace at the bottom” leggings at Downeast Outfitters on my trip to Utah. I just love the bright blue!

Below, I wore a pale pink shirt with a white underneath and denim slacks.  I got this necklace years ago, but I really think I could make one of these, now that I’m a craftaholic.  My 5 year old is my photographer and she just snap, snap, snaps away.  I included a closeup of the necklace worn and alone to see it better. I usually have a rubber band on my wrist to pull my hair back at a moments notice.

A casual day at the park below…tired of gettin’ fancy, but still threw on something shiny (that I can’t decide if I love enough to keep around–testing it out).  This pic on timer, so really not the greatest…

And church always gets to be the fanciest of the week.  I also got this dress at Downeast Outfitters when I was in Utah. I love the black on black lace at the top.  I also finally wore my new felt flower necklace that I got from i candy handmade. I get to meet her at my San Diego workshop in July, too!  Cute, cute stuff in that etsy shop!  I was also excited to wear my $6 Pier 1 ring and an old bracelet (close up below).

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  1. I love, love that black dress! I’m heading out to Utah soon, so I will definitely be hitting up Downeast while I am there. Your felt necklace is adorable!

  2. That color blue in the first picture is stunning on you! Thanks for visiting my site today, and for the nice compliment.:)

  3. I love little Cali in the bottom corner brushing her teeth—too cute!

  4. Gorgeous as always! Love love love the felt necklace…maybe we should try making that one (doable??) and love the ring and the dress too!

  5. Kristen!

    Babymama wants pictures as good as yours for my WIWW posts.

    Tripod and timer?!?!? Wow. So impressed.

    Love each and every one. And both necklaces are fab.


  6. My four year old, Beau, walked up as I was reading this post & said, “Mom, she’s pretty.” :)
    Your use of bright accessories agianst classics & basics is my favorite. I’m pretty much just a simple solids type. Need to add more accessories!
    Love that ooh-la-la shot, bottom left. :)

  7. I love to look at your site, as you can tell I go in spurts on the computer. But I love to check your site, and I love the blue on you!!

  8. p.s. Have you ever visited I think you and her would be good friends, I just started checking out her site a few months ago and have decided you two should get together!