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What I Wore Wednesday

Not a whole lot to show for this  past week.  I traveled and if you really want to see what I wore, scroll back a few posts.  I’m sure I will be wearing them again, too.  I’ve got just 2 outfits to show this week for the viewing audience.  I am feeling slightly sheepish posting my WIWW ensembles after finding out today that 2 cute girls that I consider fashionistas admitted to being my blog stalkers.  I had no idea!  Nikka & Bailey, how do I measure up to your stylish standards?

My 5 year old daughter has been taking these shots of me lately…I’ll set it up, and she will take about 25 pictures in 10 seconds.  I chose this one because it shows off my daring hairstyle I wore to church.  The braid.  I’ve been trying to conquer the braid at the bangs and after quizing a few people and trying it out, I felt pretty good about it this day. I paired it with a side ponytail which sorta gave me a headache by the end of church.  I’ve got heavy hair and anything out of the ordinary tweaks my head funny.

Another E-shakti dress (I think I have 3 total, about to order another) paired with old Payless heels. I love these heels.  I don’t love my white pasty legs.  I should consider some of that tanning lotion.

Next, I have a Charming Charlies top with leggings.  I loved how it fit and paired it with a splash of yellow with the shoes and bracelet.  Then, of course my yellow ray of sunshine pal-ed around as my most beautiful accessory.

 That’s it. Just two.  I am linking up to other WIWW peeps at The Pleated Poppy.  I wish I could add the Mormon Fashion Blogger button to my blog, but you have to post your outfits at least 3 times a week, and well, this is a photography blog, I should mainly stick to that.

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  1. I am in love with that dress! And the braid looks awesome. I’m still working on that, you should pass along some tips if you have them. :)

    And I have to admit, your little ray of sunshine is the cutest accessory there. She’s adorable!

  2. Beautiful photos!

  3. Will you just come get me dressed every morning?

  4. Caroline says:

    love the braid and side pony look and the outfits! stylin momma!

  5. Your WWIW posts are some of my fave posts of yours. You dress so cute and I love how you splash colors and aren’t afraid to add color to outfits or try colors that wouldn’t normally go together!

  6. I LOVE the dress!

  7. Wow, I find this the most creative Idea, I love What I wore Wednesday…very clever…You have some great style… :)