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What I wore Wednesday

It’s baaack!  I am not commited to doing this every week, but I do enjoy joining in every once in a while. I take the sporadic pic of my outfit, so here is a sampling of the past few weeks for me.

I wore this the day before my big race. I thought I’d be slightly fancy preceding my major sweat. I got the belt at J.Crew outlet and have had major mental plans to make some in other colors, just haven’t yet. It is just a flower on a ribbon.   Cardigan and shirt from Old Navy…skirt I’ve had so long I can’t remember, but I love it. I had to insert a little shot of my bracelet because it doesn’t show well in this shot.

Below: I love this style of shirt, I have a few of them in diff. colors.  Some may question an impending pregnancy, but I like that I don’t have to suck in. At first, I thought the pants were long shorts, but I think I was trying to convince myself that they aren’t capri’s…but I think they are.  The cuff at the bottom throws you off…doesn’t it?

I enjoy this shirt/vest below.  I got it at the Papaya outlet.  I have to wear a shirt underneath because the arm hole is huge. Love the key necklace, too.  Gap outlet. Shoes (in several of these shots) from Payless last year.

For church I wanted to wear my new jewelry from Funky Vintage Lovely.  So I pulled out the grays and purple. I liked how it popped nicely.  Go check out her stuff….so cute!  I like how she photographs her pieces with contrasting colros–very pleasing to my eyes.  She is coming to my workshop in Utah at the end of the month.  Maybe she will suddenly find she has too many jewels and will want to bestow something colorful upon me. In mustard or lavendar or apple green.

Below was late at night and I am not diggin this shot.  I think I was excited that we purchased a new king mattress the night before and I am busy planning (in my head) our new bedroom colors—gray, yellow, white, and a touch of turquoise. My mother in law gave me the scarf for Christmas and I learned out to tie it from Sydney over at the Daybook.  She has a video tutorial (linked to it).  I tried out the vest way, but the consensus around the house was that it wasn’t workin’ for me. Gray heels also in the post before are from Payless this year. My friend Caroline made me the hair clip, cardigan from Old Navy…and a gray tee.  Oh, and the bracelet I love but often don’t feel daring enough to wear it. Not sure where it came from–random store my mom shops in and I was digging in a jewelry bowl  one day.

Wrapping this up with something very colorful.  Both my girl and myself. Headband from my favorite go to gal, Ruffles n Fringe.  (Ooooh, she’s got new stuff…lovin’ this!)  I got myself a new pair of jeans.  I was feeling 17 and got them in the Jr. section at Kohl’s.  Do I look 17, or like a 32 year old mama trying to hard?  I kinda like them.  Oddly enough, I can slide them over my hip without unbottoning them.  I know this because the button was very difficult and since they ride rather low, I tried it out.  Sure enough, it worked.  I included the middle shot because it is what I spend my days doing–brushing the bangs out of her eyes b/c she won’t wear a cute Ruffles n Fringe headband!

 All done.  Can you tell I like to put my hand on my hips?  Linking up to The Pleated Poppy’s What I wore Wednesday.

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  1. You look so cute everyday. Is that even fair?? I love your adorable little sassy poses. :) My favorite from the week is the shirt/vest. I want one of those, too cute!

  2. Hi! Love the bright pink shirt in the last picture! Where did you find it? And I think you look fab in your new jeans!

  3. love the sassy-pouty face in the doorway.
    lovely to meet ya!


  4. Great accessories!


  6. Love all your outfits and all your color! I’m desperately trying to adopt your “who cares if someone might wonder if you are pregnant” attitude. But I’m struggling big time. please give me the insight that led you to this! :) I bought a cute new shirt yesterday but it is very questionable and I’m too insecure to wear it in public. :)