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What I wore Wednesday

It seems this was the week of the dress.  Some spring break, some recovering from spring break.  I seem to wear a casual dress or skirt when I am worn out.  To me, it is ease and comfort.  So much more so than a pair of jeans.  Jeans are effort for me, a dress is effortless.  I would probably wear a dress or skirt every single day if I didn’t hear this all the time, “wow, you are so dressed up.”  Either people are apologizing at their “lack of dressiness” or make a big deal of the fact that I am wearing a dress so much so that I start to feel uncomfortable.  I’ve got much more skin around my waist than I would like, and to not have something bunching there (like a stiff waistline) is heaven to me.  Also, dresses are cooler. I’ve got air flow! If you missed the post on why I am doing this, click here.

Below is what I wore to church.  I took advice from a  Mormon Fashion Blogger, and this blue top is actually a dress (short that I wear with leggings).  It is straight enough that I tucked it in and liked it a lot! I think I got it from Dillards 3 years ago. Skirt from Chadwick’s 4 years ago (wore to my brothers wedding). Pear bracelets and earrings Forever 21. Shoes from Payless (also my bro’d wedding) 4 years ago. Headband from a store I can’t remember.

Below, I got the blue striped outfit from Old Navy last year.  I really like it, but have a hard time deciding on leggings.  I don’t like black or gray that I have done before, so tried a new purple pair. Not sure I loved that, but it was different and colorful! I have Old Navy flip flops in many colors.

About 4 years ago, I bought this maxi dress from Target.  Then the next year they were everywhere in every color. I was pregnant and I thought this was THE greatest maternity outfit.  I have a large number of these maxi dresses that I love in the spring/summertime.  Some solid, some print. No shaving necessary for these babies.  Super comfortable. I also love my long/short sleeved shirt I got from Layers a few years ago.  Not the happiest with my upper arm and this covers that area nicely. I also have it in black, but I think I am due for a new white one.

My jewelry is mostly covered with my hair in this shot, so I have it as a close up.  All this stuff if a few years old as well.  This skirt is one of my favorites, the waistline is very relaxed, it is actually a bit big on me now (yay) but it lays on my hips nicely.

Lastly, here is my non dress for the week.  I love this hat that I recently got on clearance at the Gap Outlet, but I’m not sure hats really look that great on me…but I will keep wearing them. I love my camera shirt I got at Target a few years ago.  Wal Mart Gearge pin striped pants with my trusty black converse immitation.  I often wear black slack and these converse when on photo shoots.

  It is actually quite interesting to look at my outfits in pictures like this.  It gives me a better overall “look see” of my clothes better than a mirror does.  I’ve decided maybe I shouldn’t do some of them, and found that I like some more in pictures that I do in the mirror.  Linking up to the Pleated Poppy.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Love the feminine outfits! Skirts or dresses are actually all I ever wear, mostly as a concrete reminder/celebration of the fact that God created me female. It’s always fun to see what outfits other women put together with skirts/dresses.
    What about white leggings with the Old Navy dress, or isn’t that your style?

  2. It just provides me with enough inspiration to have a little more fun with getting dressed in the morning (and fewer days where I stay in lounge pants all day!) I also LOVE wearing dresses and skirts and cannot wait until the weather warms up a little here.

  3. always looking so cute!! love all your stuff.. :) you inspire me and the best thing is I feel like I can afford the things you wear most the time.

  4. You look great in blue!

  5. I love skirts too, and I get the same reaction from people about being too dressed up. gotta love them in hot climates, though.

  6. Tamara Larkin says:

    I love skirts in the spring and summer–so much cooler! But I have a hard time finding casual things that look good on me–you know, that you can just wear with flip flops or other sandals. Skirts are not too dressy, don’t feel you need to apologize. You live in TEXAS, and it’s HOT!

  7. Kristen, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your’s is SO cute and I love your photography skills. Amazing. My hubby just purchased a ‘real’ camera for our upcoming Europe trip. Wishing you were up here in DFW to teach one of your classes! I think I may have to check out that e-book. We are clueless!

  8. Cool idea to wear the dress on top and just tuck it in with the skirt. And I remember that skirt and shoes from our wedding photos! :)

  9. Great retro picts. They help me remember so many things. Nice picts of Cali, too. You are such a great Mom; the right mix of tough and tender. You ARE the best!


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