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What I Wore in the Cold Snow

This is the day AFTER I did my hair. I haven’t actually DONE my hair in months…this consists of a blow dry (20-25 min.) then a flat iron curl to all of it (20-25 min). I actually did my hair for Better Blogging Google Hangout for the millions handful of bloggers watching online.

I like my hair when it’s done like this…I should do it more often…oh yeah, it takes an hour, maybe not.

I love this cozy flannel shirt I got at Old Navy recently. I got 2 in different colors. Golf flats from Target (pretty much the 2 stores I shop at).

I like to share a little perspective shot, too:


And my cute photographers clothes on 2 different days:

She has a unique style;)

I did a little traveling last week, I wrote about my visit with my Grams. I didn’t expect to make 2 round trips in 6 days, but I did. These were my traveling clothes via my phone:

Here’s my creative layering with the heart sweater:

Sweater last year from Old Navy, blue purse recently from Target. Green suitcase from goodwill. Pink jeans JCP last year.

Then I ventured off into some snow fields, and had to dress accordingly…I LOVE the snow!

These pics of me were taken after I photographed the Huntley Family, by my trusty assistant cousin, Bryan


He snapped these fun shots of me with his phone:

My yellow Coat I found online at Old Navy and LOOOOOOVE it!! It’s a great fit and warm, but not too heavy/bulky.

My teal scarf is so old, but funny enough, one of Amy’s little girls was wearing the same one in their pictures!
Linking up my outfits to The Pleated Poppy, and won’t for a few weeks as I switch gears in the month of February.  I know you’ll sorely miss me prancing about;)

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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  1. Seeing you in yellow makes your smile really shine.

  2. I love the coat too! So pretty and fun! I’m visiting from WIWW at The Pleated Poppy!
    Alesha <3

  3. Love the pictures in the snow, so well done. And of course the outfit. I’m traveling to the snow this weekend and it has been so fun planning what I’m going to wear. I’m sure it wouldn’t be as fun if I lived in it, but dressing for it occasionally is a good change.


  4. Love the first outfit! That black flannel is so cute & I love how you paired it with the gold accessories to glam it up a bit! :)

    You look so great in the bright pink & yellow colors! Your snow outfit totally matches your blog design! Did you plan that?!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I do tend to dress in the bright colors that i’ve decorated my blog with! my home, my dress, my blog;) It’s actually hard for me to do black and white, so yes gold glammed it up a bit;)

  5. Love your bright colours in the snow. My winter coats are both black – I need to get me some colour!

  6. YAY for yellow coats!!! Love it :) My favorite pic is of you tossing the snow… too cute! Have a fantastic end to your week.

  7. Oh my you have a lot of hair! Beautiful! And the yellow coat…..gorgeous!! I have one on my wishing list on Pinterest !Love all the colors! thanks for stopping by my blog today, Shine On! Have a great week!

  8. Those gold shoes are AH-MAZING! Where did you get them? I love your bright coat!


  9. That yellow jacket is fabulous! I’m in the market for some comfy (yet pretty) yellow shoes, haven’t had any luck yet…

  10. Eeeek love these! I love the one of you throwing up the snow!