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Welcome Walk~Back to School decor

I combined the ideas from this pencil wreath and this ruler wreath for my front door.  I wanted to do both, but had to choose and the pencils were more colorful and I didn’t have to saw 14 rulers….just 2.  Our school has a “Welcome Walk” where the teachers drive around to each home and “walk” up to the front door to introduced themselves.  It is a very fun way to find out the teacher for the next year!  We were asked to decorate our doors for them, and they decorated their cars.

Our school has a cactus in the name.  Iwanted to purchase a fake one, but I only found one for $25 at my local HL, then I realized I knew where a field of real ones were by my old home.  I kicked down a few (got some pricklies in the process) but was excited about our live cactus!

My flag banner (with school themed papers) kept blowing in the wind and fell down.  Actually, the rulers melted off of my wreath after 2 teachers came and I had to hurry and glue it back on for the third to see.  I used hot glue, and well…it was hot outside…over 100 degrees.

Saw this pencil vase and had to make them for each teacher.  My kids helped me glue each pencil on…the last one was tough.  Didn’t quite have enough space.

Boys made the sign…the phrase is in their school song…

Used a black paper plate as my “chalkboard”

hand sawing the rulers…

Watching and waiting for her teacher…

I knew, but she wasn’t quite sure, that she’d get the same teacher.  Her kinder teacher was assigned to 1st grade and was able to “loop up” with the same class.  Very exciting!  She just loves Ms. H. and so do I.

Her car all decked out…

Our big surprise is my second son’s 3rd grade teacher.  We knew 2 of the teachers already, but he didn’t get either one.  I am very excited about Mrs. W. she is very sweet and brought along her husband and 2 young kids in the car with her.

Lastly, my oldest got Ms. J. for 5th grade.  She was my second son’s 2nd grade teacher and we knew she was moving up to 5th grade, and we were both HOPING he would get her.  We LOVE her, and we’re very excited!  At the end of last year, he asked if I would be the room mom for his last year in elementary school (melted my heart) and I am so excited to work with her again!  School starts tomorrow…I think it will be a great year!

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  1. Oh wow! I love all of this! What great ideas! Your front door looks super cute!

  2. I’ve never heard of the tradition of teachers going to the kids’ homes to introduce themselves. What a fun way to start the school year!! Love the pencil vase. Really cute!

  3. Kristi Dickinson says:

    My gracious those teachers all look so young! I am feeling really old now. I love the beginning of school. Such a fun time. :)

  4. Jacqueline says:

    I’ve never heard of it before either, but that’s a great idea! Love the decorations/pencil vases too!

  5. I love the wreath! The pencils are so clever… I bought a mini chalkboard to put on my ruler one but couldn’t get it to look right… You totally nailed it though!!
    So cute!!

  6. L. Ruth :) says:

    Your teachers are all soooo young! Fun! The decorations are awesome. I may be borrowing some for teacher appreciation week…

  7. I didn’t know they ASK you to decorate the doors for them??! never saw that anywhere. I just thought you were really super cool. (I mean, you still are!) but now I feel bad! I’ll have to do that next year. oh, and the pencil vases are SO awesome! I might have to do that too……

  8. Sarah Cox says:

    How many students go to your school and how big is each class? I work in the schools as an SLP, and I can’t imagine our teachers going to each one of their 28 students houses! That just seems unreal to me.


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