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Week 2

Here ya go…something about me. These are my favorite shoes, a bright kelly green. I also painted my kitchen this color (it looks cool, I promise). If anyone finds these in orange, I’d love to hear about it!

Shot in Manual mode with my 50mm lens ISO 200 (in the shade) shutter speed 1/500 f/1.4 It has a slight vignette around the edges and I used the sponge tool to pop the color a bit.

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  1. Neat pic; I like it. However, your kitchen walls would probably scare me. :P

    Thanks for the tech info. I’m jealous of your f/1.4 lens.

    I like the sound of the sponge tool. I wish I’d had it for a few shots myself. Right now, Maren and I are playing with photoshop – Maren with Elements and I’m using Lightroom. I want both… but man they’re pricey.

  2. do tell me what f/1.4 is.

  3. Kristen Joy says:

    f-stop or aperture…we’ll get to that in the tutorials:)

  4. Tobi Wilkinson says:

    What software are you using to edit your pictures with?

  5. Kristen Joy says:

    photoshop CS2

  6. Kris,
    This will be great. I just got my DSLR for my anniversary last month, and I love playing with it, but could use some direction and more info about all the termanology. Plus–i just installed Photoshop Elements to my desktop yesterday–so I’m ready to make some photography progess!

  7. love the color! maybe someday i’ll know what you are talking about w/ technique so keep it coming.

  8. Kristen, I am so glad you are doing this. Jeff and I are beginning to dig into the settings and experiment. This blog could be a big help. I often look at yours and other photoblogs and wonder what they do to achieve the results they are getting.

    As Jeff said we are starting to play around with photoshop a little. We finally got our new lens–a 50mm f/1.8. We’ll learn with that and then upgrade when we can.