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Valentine’s Day Ideas

Here are some Valentine’s Ideas I’ve shared in the past, this was originally posted at The Idea Room.

I made picture Valentine’s for my kids and printed them on business card sized cards. I think it is fun to do something personal, this is what I did for my oldest:

I’ve seen this idea in a few places, but most recently from Eighteen25, another fun way to include your kids pictures in Valentine’s.

Take a picture of them holding out their fist and after printing, stick a sucker in it!

What about with a Hershey’s kiss or other small candy like this from Born Again Crafter:

She even shares a step by step if you aren’t quite sure how to do it.

A garland of polaroid kisses by Life is Sweet…

 I love the polaroid look on a garland.  She went for the kissing theme and included lots of kissing shots of not only she and her hubby, but kissing on their cute little baby, too.  Do you have kissing images that would be fun to display just for Valentine’s Day? Remember, kids love to see those pics of them out and about…and they need to know that you love your spouse, so why not pull out those shots?  They may say “ew” but it gives them comfort inside. What a great idea this is! Check out more kissing shots on her blog, her writing makes me happy….she sounds very cheerful.

Next, I found this cool idea. This is from Homework:  A branch photo holder.

I just want to carve mine and  hubby’s initials into the heart.
A fun activity to do on Valentine’s Day with the family is to play Family BINGO with pictures!
Eighteen25  shared this template and I added my own images with a lovey theme. Can you tell my son in the green jacket is spelling something out?
(my hubby looks exactly the same in the 2 couple shots taken 1 year apart…his pose, his tie…).
Lastly, I took my girls out a year ago for a Valentine’s Day photo shoot and here are a few of my favorites:
They are printed and hanging in their room.  I also made a fun coloring page using a pic of my girls.
What better way to celebrate the holiday of love than with pictures of those you love the most!
Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
Kristen Duke
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