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Under the Mistletoe~On my Mind Monday

Well it was a great week last week. A few normal hiccups, but lots of fun stuff going on! I actually texted 2 different friends at the beginning of December saying, “hey, you should throw a couples Christmas party!” To which they both responded (in so many words) that I’m crazy. I just wanted to go to a couples Christmas party without throwing one…is that so much to ask? We didn’t go to one last year, and it was a bummer. Luckily, another friend must have been reading my mind, because we get to go to one this weekend!  Here is a little run down of what’s on my mind, and what I did this last week.

family fun

  • I took my daughter to see FROZEN on her half birthday. We don’t usually do much for half birthdays, but her teacher suggested I bring in a treat that day since her actual birthday is in June when school is out. I thought I’d take the advantage to take her on a special outing, and as I mentioned it to one friend, she offered to take my youngest and my boys went to a friends home, so we went to an after school matinee. It was SOOOOOO cute and I cried like a baby at the sister love theme. Seriously, I’m not a Disney/cartoon lover (call me heartless) but I LOVED this, and am surprising her with the soundtrack and typed out lyrics for Christmas. We ate at a theater that also has a restaurant/waitstaff, so that was fun, too (we shared bacon cheese fries!)
  • Had our once a month sleepover with my girls. Their bed is just too small for the three of us. I did not sleep so well.
  • Our book club had a tacky ornament gift exchange instead of discussing the book (that I never read) this month. I’m so lame, I really don’t like the idea of a tacky ornament. I’d prefer everyone to bring a cute/pretty ornament to fight over. I seem to be in the minority though, people get lots of laughs over lame/tacky ornaments. I’d also prefer cute things at a white elephant exchange though. I’ve got enough junk at my house, I don’t need to be gifted junk.
  • Saturday morning, our church congregation had a Christmas breakfast. Always fun to gather together as a church family to celebrate, and sit on Santa’s lap. My oldest also played a Christmas song with his tuba with 3 other friends (1 tuba + 2 trombones). It was pretty awesome if I do say so myself. My oldest flipped pancakes instead of visiting Santa.
  • Saturday night, we went to our street party Christmas event. We weren’t invited last year because technically….we aren’t considered on the street. Our home is on the corner, and though we hang out mostly with people on said street, our home address is the other street. I’ll admit, it tore me to pieces last year. I felt we were the token invite this time, but then 2 other “honorary” street families were also asked to join as well.  It was a progressive dinner event, and it was fun to mingle with everyone all at once. There was soda and bottled water for our family, and I got to learn about alcoholic beverages that I’m clueless about. Got stuffed full of delicious appetizers, too.
  • Speaking of eating….wow, my scale is not making me very happy this week. Of course, I haven’t been doing my part. I took a 7 day break from working out–I hadn’t done that in the nearly 2 years since my big weight loss. I was down on a few other things (as I mentioned in the last “mind” post) with that, I just wanted to skip out on stuff like exercise as well. You know, torture myself even more. I jumped back on the wagon towards the end of this week with a sort-of renewed commitment. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?
  • Spent a few hours Sunday afternoon cleaning up the black whole that is my master bedroom. Does yours become the dumping grounds, too? I’m just tired of it.
  • Went caroling Sunday night with the youth boys and girls. I love hanging out with those good kids. I loved my teenage years.
  • Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, and I’m promising myself and all of you another chapter in my Love Story!
  • Mailed out about 300 Christmas cards to friends far away, friends close by, teachers, blogger pals, family, and it feels SOOO good! I am still collecting a few lingering address, and found out I sent 2 to a few friends–ooops! I’m sure I’m missing some people, too. Have you seen my card? Check ‘em out HERE (I even have a few left to send you if you send to me;)
  • I’m MOSTLY done with my Christmas shopping. I asked my sweet 13 year old s on what he’d like, and he said, “I’m good, I don’t need anything.” Which makes me want to surprise him with something extra fabulous! I polled on Facebook and got a good suggestion: an experience gift. I am SO excited with something I decided on. I’m gifting another child a pet–I’m scared (I don’t do pets well).
  • Kissed my hubby under the mistletoe. (Some of you may have seen this on my Instagram)
  • I got almost adorable Christmas pillow cover from Shabby By Melissa, it has a red truck pulling green Christmas tress painted on it! See picture below.
  • I watch TWO shows while I’m working on the computer (they play on iPad next to my monitor). Nashville and Hart of Dixie. Any other suggestions? I don’t like violence or political or period pieces. I’m kinda picky!

Under the misteltoe


Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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  1. You had an extremely busy weekend, but it sounds like it was a lot of fun. Love the pictures!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Happy holidays! I love to watch Hart of Dixie too. You should check out Parenthood…one of my all time faves! I also watch Revenge…soap opera-y fun! I recently watched the entire series Friday Night Lights, also a great show – don’t know how I missed it!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I’ve never seen Friday Night Lights, though it was filmed here in Austin! May have to check that out. I’ve also heard great things about parenthood, but only seen clips here and there. May look closer at that one. Thanks!!

  3. Did you say love story? :-) Looking forward to it as usual! Happy Anniversary!

  4. So glad you got invited to the street Christmas party this year! I remember you mentioning how you felt not included last time. And once again, thank you for the Hart of Dixie recommendation. I’m loving it! And yes, our master bedroom is the room everything gets shoved into as well…not super relaxing to walk into it.

  5. I watch Hart of Dixie on my ipad while working on the computer too :) I’ll have to try Nashville.
    Claire recently posted..San Diego GetawayMy Profile

  6. I also just saw Frozen and loved it, especially for the music! And I hear you on the couples party–there are so many events I’d love to GO to, just not HOST:)

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I co hosted a couples halloween party, so I just didn’t want to do another so soon–though I DO love hosting! Maybe I’ll skip Halloween next year and do another holiday!