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I was all geared up to share Chapter 4 of my luv story, but I am missing a key componant, and I’m hoping to share that next week. I was typing it out in the car on a little road trip, so it’s almost there.

I’ve heard from some of you that you are getting a virus threat on my site, and I want to let everyone know that I am in the clear….but the pop up is still coming up for some people. I guess I was “blacklisted” and I have to petition to be “un” black listed.

I’m holding a workshop in Houston on Saturday, and if you are near Colorado Springs or Salt Lake City the next two weekends and want to come, let me know. Click the orange workshop frame at the top of my site for more info. Is anyone in Salt Lake interested in a dessert night? Maybe you don’t need the workshop, but want to meet up? Leave a comment and let me know.

I get a lot of readership from my blog from those of you that have “liked” me on facebook.  Well, facebook is making some changes and they now want me to pay them for you to see my posts in your feed. If you want a regular reminder to come visit this here blog, on the right sidebar,  you can sign up to get emails right to your inbox, or on the top via RSS feed if you’re on google reader. Facebook is not on my happy list right now.

Have a happy weekend! I probably won’t be posting my faves from Capture the joy on Monday, but go check them out!



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  1. You will have to call me and tell me what happened with the whole virus thing. AndI think people can still just subscribe to your Facebook feed (hover over your name on Facebook and hit subscribe). The promote is if you want your specific post to show up on the sidebar like an ad. I could be wrong. I will do some checking.

  2. Amanda at Royal Daughter Designs did some research on the facebook issue, and it turns out that nothing has actually changed. I think there were a lot of rumors floating around, but she looked into facebook’s actual policy – It’s a very helpful, informative read. :)