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Friends!  I just got all of my holiday cards in, and I am busily stuffing them as our family watches ELF the movie. I will share my card in a blog post with everyone next week (gotta make sure it gets into the mailboxes  first). I wanted to say that IF you have extra holiday cards laying around, I’d LOVE to have one! It is one of my most favorite things to peek into the mailbox and see the happy faces of my friends smiling back at me (or their kids in some cases).

*I would love to “meet” some of you through your cards! So if you have extras, mail to me here:

Kristen Duke

P.O. Box #4085

Cedar Park, TX 78630

*Have you seen all of the Christmas links I put up on my sidebar from last years posts? Holiday clothing style ideas, photography bokeh, my favorite Zucchini soup (it’s red and green), and kids Christmas jokes (if school is out, you can put them under their pillow or tape to their mirror). I’ve also got ideas I have shared this year.

*Printed copes of Say NO to Auto or Get Focused last big Christmas shipment mailed out on Monday, December 17th to guarantee by Christmas.

*A little reminder that our Wishlist giveaway ends tomorrow at 6pm.

If you haven’t entered yet, do so on the blog post HERE.

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  1. Ha, I just made your soup to deliver to two families this week. Still it remains a favorite!