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The Royal Wedding~I ♥ Will & Kate

Oh my goodness, I was so excited to watch this, and I am grateful I have a friend who organized a little gathering.   I wanted to myself, but we have the saddest smallest TV of anyone I know, so I just didn’t think it would be fun for anyone to watch it here.  I would have been all for getting together at 3am, but my friend Lorie recorded several channels and we organized ourselves at 9am.  She likes to do parties just as much as I do, and she made some fun English food and made it all festive.

Above:  Lorie made some YUMMY egg/bacon in an English muffin concoction.  Below:  I made scones for the first time (on stand at right).  I thought they were fried, but the English version are very similar to sugar cookies.  This was my contribution to the gathering.

For the kids, she made cute little lunch sacks with some royal treats inside:

My girl went for the wedding rings…

I precariously perched my camera on the fireplace mantel and hoped for the best…got a pretty good shot of the group!  It was fun to make some new friends as well;)  Lorie, the hostess on the far right.  She has a pretty awesome blog where she highlights the greatest in the crafty blog world.  Go check out  Be Different…Act Normal and add her to your must blog reads because its good stuff.  She was my STAR in Crafting with the Stars last October.  She IS a star.

I’ll admit, I got some sting in my eye as I watched the beautiful Kate, I adore her.  She is lovely, fashionable, poised, and seems to be so sweet.  Her simple but elegant dress perfectly complimented her.  I loved watching her happily wave to those outside watching her.

 The colorful eye candy of green trees amid the bold red and blue English flags along the road was my artistic dreamland–I wanted to be there to photograph it all myself.  I will settle for these lovely images I have found online via Pinterest.

I loved watching her little sister fluff her train.  She looked gorgeous herself.  Major discussion online that she also wore a white dress.

Love the double sibling shot here.  I’ll admit…I kinda like Harry a bit more than William.  I saw a sign someone made that said:  Keep Calm, Harry is still single.

 Ok, this isn’t a wedding day shot, but I love it.  LOVE it.

Did you watch?  What was your favorite part?  Too much fanfare, or its ok every 30 years or so?  I kinda love it.

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  1. I didnt watch it but I was all over the internet this morning watching clips and looking at images. Love all the images you found. She looked so perfect and natural and like her self but stunning!! She is always stunning! What a special day!

    Looks like a great party!

  2. Margaret says:

    Watched it and loved it. I agree, I think it is kinda fun every thirty years or so. This was fun to read, thanks for posting.

  3. I kinda love it myself…Kate was so Grace Kelly elegant! I loved that she went simple and classic, but most all she looked happy. Like she couldn’t stop smiling!

    p.s. I love the treat bags she made for the little ones..Cute cute!

  4. I checked out all sorts of images online and my friends and I are actually watching our DVR-ed coverage as I type. Such a lovely event!

    I’m doing a Royal Wedding giveaway on my blog if you’re interested:

  5. oh i loved it! i have been glued to the coverage all day! so WHY DID pippa also wear white? i was wondering the same thing! seemed odd to me! loved both of her dresses! loved all the pageantry. a fun day!

  6. She is so pretty and I thought the dress was perfect. I didn’t think it was a big deal that Pippa wore white. Since she was always behind her, it was almost like she was part of the train. ;o) I watched clips online, but didn’t get up at 3 a.m., either. ;o)

  7. It was so nice to meet you Kristen! And I love the pictures. I may just have to start stalking you. :)

  8. Natalie says:

    Yes Kris, I loved it too. I was laughing at myself for crying, but it was such an overwhelming event! She’s only 29, can you imagine if that were you? So classy. She was beautiful and poised, and just perfect. Wish I could know more inside details about the two of them. :)