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my great pinterest debacle

If you’ve been on my facebook page, you’ll know that I’m having some computer issues, so I’m not able to post some pictures that I’ve taken lately, but I’m hoping that today is a bright new day and that the computer angels will be able to fix it (and my external) today. In the mean time, I thought I’d be share some thoughts on Pinterest.

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I have a little love/frustrated relationship with Pinterest. As bloggers, we do get a lot of unique traffic from people “pinning” their favorite posts (thank you!) and then strangers seeing those pins, hopping over, and discovering our blog for the first time. Hopefully that first impression is a good one, and those individuals will want to stick around and come back to see what else is in store for them. However, some people just want that one post and may never come back, and that’s fine, too. A frustration I’ve found is that it kindof lumps all blogs into one when people say, “I got this idea on pinterest” when in reality, they DID first see it on Pinterest, but the actual idea came from another source….but that source is forgotten.

I realized a year or so ago, that I don’t want everything on my boards that I’ve seen & pinned to be seen by others. It’s mostly when I’m in party planning mode. When I did a baby boy airplane shower, I pinned a million airplane ideas, but I didn’t want those attending the shower to see all of them before the shower. Some of them I was going to immitate, and others I took the inspiration and put my own spin to it.   I didn’t want the party attendee’s to see ahead of time, or hear from them, “I saw you pinned this and wondered what you were going to do with it.” I’d heard it before. I’m happy to admit that I used those ideas as my inspiration, but I put a lot of work into it, and for people to realize and mention to me at the party that they’d seen it elsewhere is a bit disheartening…but yes, I did first see it on  pinterest.  Maybe I’m a copycat sometimes, and just don’t want to be called out on it.

Now onto my last pinterest thought…and if you’re following me on Instagram,  you might have seen this (kristendukephotography on IG). On Sunday, I was visiting family a few  hours away and went to their church building, where a stranger saw my daughters cute outfit and said, “look at how cute she looks, it looks like something you’d see on Pinterest.” As she smiled and walked away, I should have smiled and thought “how nice” but instead I felt irritated as I thought, “I put this outfit together all by myself, thank you very much” and I know she just meant something about my skilled abilities of organizing an ensemble (wink, wink) was like unto creative ideas she’d seen there, but to have given “pinterest” the credit, when credit wasn’t due–totally bugged me!  I got the pieces at Target almost a year ago, and I was so giddy to pull the skirt from one section and the jacket from another section, not intended to go together. It’s pretty much my favorite outfit of hers right now.  Here is the outfit taken with my phone:

The fact of the matter is, it’s a double standard.  I realize that, I can’t be happy with the situation either way.  Sometimes I’m creative without pinterest, and it gets the credit. Sometimes I borrow ideas and don’t want to be found out.  I still love pinterest, and that I can see tons of creative recipes, exercise ideas, home projects, and photography all meshed into one place. I love it, I do, I even use it as a search tool now instead of google search.  But I’d love it if the conversation was able to change a little bit.

Here are some of my favorites that I’ve pinned lately from my Pinterest page.

From my Delicious Board (I really want to split this category into savory and sweet, but will those following it see that?)

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie Dough Blondies

 (just made this last night, have yet to eat them, but the dough was amazing!)

{Handle the Heat)

Blueberry Coconut Baked Steel Cut Oatmeal Recipe

{Family Fresh Cooking}

In my brief looking around, I LOVED this site.  Beautiful colors, great photography, delicious recipes. Pinterest helped me discover a new food site!  Her pinterest boards are AMAZINGLY detailed, wih a whole lotta followers.

From my Home Decor Board, I found this little girls room that I LOVED:

{Ginny Phillips Photography}

This image is actually the inspiration behind my office makeover.  Remember my yellow desk? Uh-huh…I’m getting very close to finishing and I’ll show you the whole she-bang!

When we were designing our Barn Door TV cover, I looked up barns doors on pinterest, and pinned a whole bunch of ideas that helped us finalize how we wanted the design on our barn door. It was nice to see a lot of options all in one place.

{brown paper packages}

{House Tweaking}

Lastly, my Fun with Kids board I save ideas for activities to do with my kids. I actually showed them this board when we made our summer checklist to include some fun and different crafts.

Last weekend, we actually made these mini bow and arrows with cousins

{The Brooding Hen}

Those q-tips shoots FAR, and all the kids and cousins loved playing with them!

Yesterday, we checked another item off our list and spray painted T-shirts. I mean, I get paint on my clothes that doesn’t come out when I’m working on a project, but I never thought to do it intentionally! Love these stripes below, but I haven’t made mine yet.

{The Winthrop Chronicles}

My kids put painters tape all over as they wished, then we got out the cans in the garage, and they had a hay-day.

(someone on Instagram asked if we were Texas A&M fans b/c of the letters on their shirts–ha!  nope, just coincidence.)

There you have it!  I know my love/frustration with pinterest may be unique to me…may be irrational…but that’s what I do here…spew my thoughts whether crazy or not! Any thoughts on splitting up my food board into categories? Will people have to add those boards, or will they transfer if they are already following the main food board?

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  1. I absolutely see where you’re coming from! Pinterest is one of my biggest referrers (so not a word…I know) but it kills me when it gets the credit! :) I do think that if they are already followers on your board that it will automatically have them follow it when it splits. I’m pretty sure…

    • Kristen Duke says:

      Yes, I figured it they follow ALL of my boards, that they’d automatically, but wasn’t sure about just the food board.

  2. I know what you are saying about using ideas off of Pinterest and not wanting to be found out ha! :-) But really, I think the lady was just saying that your daughter’s outfit was cute, like all the other adorable ones on Pinterest, not that you didn’t come up with it. Either way, I wouldn’t let an innocent comment upset you. Your daughter looked cute, and how she got that way doesn’t really matter, does it?

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I know that I read waaay more into the comment than she meant. I agree, she was just being nice and sweet!

  3. I sometimes don’t like to admit where I find my ideas either – ESPECIALLY when it comes to party planning. It’s not the first time I’ve noticed that your thoughts mirror many of the ones in my own head – must be true what they say about great minds and all… ;)

  4. Ugh I totally understand the love/hate relationship with Pinterest!

    As far as I know, anyone who clicked “Follow All” and follows all your boards will be automatically following any new board you create. But if they only follow your food board specifically and nothing else I don’t think they will automatically be following a new board. Pinterest has no way of knowing if you are splitting a giant board into subcategories or just making a brand new board. :-( But, it was interesting to see (the other day when I split up a board) how many people had clicked “Follow All” because all of the sudden my brand new board already had a ton of followers!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      ok, that’s what i was thinking…that if they followed all they would see, but wondered about just the food board.

  5. Couldnt agree with you more!!! I love getting ideas from pinterest but most of the time I Will change it to suit us (supper or so forth cause I’m bad about not following the recipe). But somehow no matter what it’s always “oh is that a pinterest find!” “look at you you pinterester” and that’s not even the case all the time! I’d love to give credit when I need to but seriously give me some credit for coming up with it on my own :) maybe I just used pinterest to stir in me my creative juices!!!!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      I totally give credit if it’s a spin off, but even if it is…maybe I don’t want to be called on it!

  6. I totally understand. At first, I didn’t want to have my blog followers follow me on Pinterest because then they’d know what I was up to, etc. But I pin so much and I never do anything in any type of order so I don’t mind anymore. I heard something about private Pinboards coming soon. I wouldn’t mind!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      private is ideal for party planning, but i do like to see what my friends pin, too, so I get not having private, too! you can’t win with me, i tell ya;)

  7. i think my biggest beef with pinterest besides ‘i found it on pinterest’ like you said, is just seeing the same stuff over and over. browsing pinterest can be fun, but i mostly use it as a visual/categorical bookmarking tool. i believe the way it’s intended. i try to pin more than i repin. i don’t usually look for ideas on pinterest, i look for ideas online and pin them to my boards if i find something i need. so many people look for ideas online and everyone is just pinning the same stuff over and over. if i see another ’50 tips to…’ pin…

    • Kristen Duke says:

      yes, there a lot of the categorized posts, and i see the value in them…but it is rehashing a bit…

  8. This is exactly why I am hoping they make private boards soon! How can I pin gift ideas for someone if they might be following me :P

  9. Ha, I’m the opposite. Someone tells me something is cute, and I have to quickly explain that I just copied someone else!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      If i got it from someone else, i don’t mind saying so, but when i come up with it on my own, it’s annoying to assume it was from someone else…

  10. I really only give credit to things that I’ve done to their “creator” If I was following their blog before pintrest. Although when people want the recipe or the link I will make sure I give them the link to the blog instead of saying “go check out my pinterest page.” I will try to be better, since I have never thought of it before!

    • Kristen Duke says:

      i took special care to link the images above to their site instead of where i pinned them…i think it is a new etiquette learning process for all of us!

  11. well I am from Europe and for me, Kristen, you are my “Pinterest”!

  12. I feel the same way! Total love/hate with Pinterest.
    I really wish there were a way to enforce proper pinning etiquette, pinning images only from their original source.
    The thing that gnaws at my moral nerves the most is when there are ENTIRE BLOGS made up of photos swiped from all over the web (design blogs mostly) that don’t link or give credit.
    Entire blogs without any original content of their own! And they’re popular! While the worker behind the scenes goes unknown.
    Also, for some circumstances, I really wish private boards were available!

  13. I love when someone tells me that something that I wore/made/cooked/etc looks like something on Pinterest, especially when it’s not! I take it a great compliment and you should, too!

    FYI – I did email them about private boards (for gifting, parties, and business) a long time ago and actually received a prompt response saying it was something they were working on. And I did see a Pinterest blog post in the past couple of months referencing them as well. I think the “mikelike” option is the temporary solution to private boards, although I haven’t used it yet.

  14. Yeah, I’m not sure what I think of Pinterest……anyway, I wanted to mention that there are other web services out there that will “store” websites or articles to read later (like You can get a browser plug in, so you can easily save items for later. This is an option that would make things private until the other becomes available. Just a thought…..

  15. Amen sister!

    I think you’re fabulous and love your blog!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, tips, etc…

  16. I had a non-crafty friend ask if I saw the idea for one of my projects on Pinterest. It was a while ago but her comment irritated me at the time. ( As though I couldn’t come up with a great idea on my own or something.) I’ve since chilled out. People who are on Pinterest are excited about it and tend to pin mainly beautiful or great things. So most references to Pinterest are actually a compliment.

    That being said, I don’t think I would ever ask someone if they got their project idea from Pinterest. After spending hours on a project, no one wants to be asked if they copied it from another source.

  17. I wish Pinterest had a privacy setting of some sort. When I was newly pregnant I wanted to pin all my favorite newborn pictures. But I knew if I did that then everyone would conclude or at least suspect that I was pregnant.