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Ten Reasons I’m a new Chick-Fil-A Fan

{I had free product provided for this post, but the opinions are 100% my own}

About 5  years ago, there was a school sponsored night at a local Chick-Fil-A. Although the restaurant had been around a while, I hadn’t been much before. I knew I loved their waffle fries, but that’s about it. Our family just doesn’t eat out much. I sat next to a friend who raved over her love for Chick-Fil-A. Internally, I was surprised at her passion for the place. I mean, it’s just chicken. My husband and I have always chatted about what a genius campaign they’ve run with the COWS making signs to “Eat mor chikin.” CLEVER.

In the past year, I’ve found joy in the chicken salad sandwich at Chick-Fil-A, and even ordered it without bread once, and they offered lettuce for me to wrap it in. Nice. It wasn’t until this past week when I had the opportunity to taste test their new salads, have a tour of the facility, and hear about what really sets Chick-Fil-A apart into a “quick serve” restaurant vs. “fast food.”  I shall now tell you Ten reasons I’m a new Chick-Fil-A fan.

    1. After touring a Chick Fil A facility, and learning facts about their daily fresh produce delivery, I'm a new believer!

  1. They use FRESH chicken daily. I saw it myself, raw chicken being prepped to cook. Not frozen, not premade–fresh.
  2. FRESH produce delivered daily–fruit, veggies, lemons (for their fresh squeezed lemonade). I LOVE that
  3. Their new amazing salads (more about that later in the post) DON’T USE ICEBERG LETTUCE.  I want to scream Hallelujah from the rooftops! It seems anywhere I get a quick salad, it is topped with a few dark green leaves, then tons of chunky iceberg cubes, and that’s just not my fave.
  4. Their ice cream is actually called “ice dream” (Thought I’d heard it was non dairy, it might actually have dairy after all).  The dream is so–dreamy. Fun fact: My professional chef friend, when she was pregnant, decided to try all of the chocolate shakes in town–fast food and sit down style. She decided that Chick Fil A made THE BEST, and she says it’s because their ice cream (dream) is different…and oh, so tasty.
  5. Chick Fil A uses quality brand products such as: Welch’s jelly, Hershey’s syrup, and Land-O-Lakes to accompany their fresh tasting products.
  6. Not only does Chick Fil A serve quality food, but they believe in enriching the community. They have marriage enhancement courses and a program for foster care siblings so they aren’t split up. There are signs in my local Chick Fil A near the restrooms that tell all about it–just walked by them before.
  7. Chick Fil A employee’s are kind and courteous and believe in the experience. They often greeted us with “my pleasure.”
  8. Most Chick Fil A’s host monthly theme parties that often require a reservation, but open to the first people that sign up. If you are linked in on your local restaurants Facebook page, you will be the first to hear about them! They have a mother/daughter tea, a Mother/son “knight”, a Daddy/Daughter date, etc., often with no charge.
  9. Their kids play place is CLEAN with  hand sanitizer and everything!
  10. Chick Fil A is closed on SUNDAYS! It’s possible that for some of you, you don’t like this fact, but as someone who believes strongly in keeping the Sabbath Day a holy day, to others to spend time with their families and worship, I love this. There are not many companies who believe this way, and it truly warms my heart.

Now, the reason I got to host a little party at my local Chick Fil A, is because we were reviewing their new salads as a member of the Mom It Forward community. As a blogger, I get to do many fun things, and it was really fun to be able to include a few of my local friends in the event.  It was a garden party theme, and the local Restaurant Marketing Director for the Chick-fil-A at Cedar Park, Rachel Birkhead, did such a fabulous job of making us feel special! The owners, Phillip and Priscilla Mendoza did a wonderful job of telling us their love for the company as well as their passion for great customer service.

Let me just say that the new Chick-Fil-A salads are AMAZING! I have been sampling salads all over town in the past year since my weight loss, as I try to live a healthier lifestyle. I am so happy and impressed at the quality and detail in these salads. You will just have to try them yourself!  I seriously loved all 3 for different reasons. We were presented with all 3 salads–and got to sample each and take the rest home to finish later. I ate one the next day and it still tasted fresh!  Here is a quick picture of all 3 of the salads and in all their glory:

Chick Fil A fresh salads

Here is a little blurb straight from Chick-Fil-A on what is in each salad, with my commentary in the {italics} color coded for emphasis.

Chick-fil-A Cobb Salad: Chick-fil-A Nuggets, pressure-cooked, sliced and served hot on a fresh bed of chopped romaine lettuce and baby greens, topped with shredded red cabbage and carrots, roasted corn kernels, a blend of shredded Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, crumbled bacon, diced eggs and grape tomatoes. Made fresh daily. Served with Charred Tomato Crispy Red Bell Peppers and Avocado Lime Ranch dressing (or guest’s choice of dressing). The salad is 430 calories and contains 39 grams of protein.

{Oh my goodness, the mixture here is amazing! I’m not a big chicken nugget fan, but the Chick-Fil-A nuggets on this was amazing. I heard one could also substitute the grilled chicken if desired. I love a hearty cobb salad, and this one did not disappoint. the LIME RANCH and Crispy Red Bell Peppers to top made this extra uniqe.}

Chick-fil-A Asian Salad: Chick-fil-A Nuggets, pressure-cooked, sliced and served hot on a fresh bed of chopped romaine lettuce and baby greens, topped with shredded red and green cabbage, carrots and mandarin orange segments. Served with Honey Thai Almonds, Chinese Garlic & Ginger Wontons and Honey Sesame dressing (or guest’s choice of dressing). The salad has 330 calories and 13 grams of fat.

{Honey Thai Almonds and Wontons made this salad unique, and the dressing was delicious. I’m not the biggest mandarin orange fan, but I still enjoyed this salad quite a bit. They are all 3 so unique with fun extra optional toppings.}

Chick-fil-A Grilled Market Salad: Grilled and sliced chicken breast served on a fresh bed of chopped romaine lettuce and baby greens, topped with shredded red cabbage and carrots, crumbled blue cheese and a mix of red and green apples, strawberries and blueberries. Served with Harvest Nut Granola, Roasted Nut Blend and Zesty Apple Cider Vinaigrette (or guest’s choice of dressing). The salad has 180 calories, 4 grams of fat and includes two servings of vegetables and one serving of fruit.

{The fresh fruit in this salad makes it stand out quite a bit. Plump blueberries, never frozen…the blue cheese can be omitted if desired. Loved the granola, nut blend, and vinaigrette on top–LOVED this one probably my #1}

Chick-Fil-A healthy facts: LOVE the freshness!

Random Tidbit: I’m not sure if it is every store that does this, but our local Cedar Park location gives doggy treats to dogs that come their the drive through with their owners–how fun is that? Below are some other fun pictures from our event.  chick fil a collage

In the middle of the collage are the 3 ladies  are who led the event. Rachel is on the right, Priscella in the middle, and the cute gal in the red hat led the kids table in an activity and play while we listened and toured! We all agreed that the childcare (not normally at the restaurant) was so fabulous while we chatted and listened! The kids LOVED the cow (who was dressed in her garden best) and it was fun to have that cute cows undivided attention to our kids for a good while.Chick Fil A cow playing with kids

chick fil a kids crafts

Each of us left with a Tomato plant, mini cow (with garden hat), and a gift card to receive each salad once over the summer months.chick fil a cow with tomato plant chick fil a cow

We even got to tour back behind the counter (I felt I was breaking RULES!) and they are so neat and orderly back there.behind the counter at Chick Fil A They asked me not to take pictures behind the door, but we did get to see all the details that go into the food preparation, including the lid covered pressure cooker (makes the chicken more moist), the lemonade squeezer (they squeeze it fresh each morning) and the COKE products that I learned Chick-Fil-A is “married” to because the companies are neighbors at the headquarters in Atlanta.

I really had such a wonderful time, and my friends and I all agreed that Chick-Fil-A is the place to go for quick and fresh food.

The Peach shake? Simply amazing!  I don’t generally love a shake, but this was so creamy and yummy with some little peach bits in it–yummy!

Chick-Fil-A I am a new fan for sure!!

Chick Fil A Peach shake

Have you tried the new fresh salads at Chick-Fil-A?  I’d love to hear your favorite! Is there something you love about Chick-Fil-A that I also love in my top ten? Something I don’t know about? I’d love to hear from you!

Kristen Duke

Kristen Duke

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  1. I’ve never been a huge fan of Chick-Fil-A (or any fast food) but I am glad to know they use more “real” food than some others. I’ll probably give those salads a try one of these days. However, I was intrigued by your comment that their Icedream was non-dairy because I can’t eat dairy products. I was so excited I checked it out for myself and I’m sorry to say that the first ingredient is indeed WHOLE MILK. Here is the link:

  2. We love chick fil a and this post makes me love it even more! I tried the Asian salad last week and was Awesome!!!

  3. As far as fast food goes, they are better than most. I would probably pick them over say, McDonalds, but it is still full of chemicals and preservatives:

    And, the IceDream is dairy. Three of the first four ingredients are whole milk, dry milk, and cream.

  4. Chick-fil-a is my all time ” quick fresh food ” stop. Love every thing they have. Now that I’m trying to live a healthy life style with my diet, I generally have a char-grilled sandwich. I haven’t tried tha salads but I’m gonna give them a try after your reviews. I never knew about the daily use if fresh chicken and vegetables daily. Good to know. It’s always clean and the employees are always friendly. And best of all is they are a Christian company. If your traveling on Sundays it’s kind of a bummer for me but not for the employees who get to spend time in church and that makes me happy. thanks for sharing.
    Deborah recently posted..Happy Mother’s Day MomMy Profile

    • Oh, I forgot to say that the peach shakes are my all time favorite treat or dessert of all time. Unfortunately the are very high in calories so I am only gonna treat myself to one (or maybe two) the entire summer.

      • Kristen Duke says:

        Oh yes, gotta save the shakes for special occasions!!! I love the char grilled nugget option for kids, too!

  5. We love Chick-fil-a. I was diagnosed with Celiac a few months ago and now have to eat completely gluten free. They are one of the few fast food places that we don’t have to worry about cross-contamination. It is also helpful that they always bring the food to the table. It is the little things that help when my hands are busy with my little ones.

  6. Jacqueline says:

    We don’t have one near us, but I love their business principles, so on the rare occasion that I might consider fast food, it would be neat to go to a Chik-fil-A.

  7. Okay, now I’m hungry! We just went a few days ago for the first time in years and I forgot how much I loved it! The customer service is stellar and our food was delicious! I’ll have to try the salads!
    Nat & Holly recently posted..DIY Kids Photo Chore ChartMy Profile

  8. Looks like it was amazing! I LOVE chickfila too and for so many of the same reasons!!! Such a great company and I love their food too!!!

  9. Mmmm…I love me some chick-fil-a. Good to know that they use fresh chicken. How awesome!!

  10. Hands down Chick-Fil-A has the best customer service of any fast food place I’ve ever gone to. I’m also gluten-free and I was thrilled when they started serving grilled chicken nuggets.
    SherriS. recently posted..Feline Friday – A Cat Tale for youMy Profile

  11. We love Chick-fil-A they do so much for the community and have a lot of fun theme nights we have done with our kids. The past 3 Valentine’s Day’s we have gone to Chick-fil-A and had table service, my girls love it. Just yesterday we went to a brand new Chick-Fil-A that opened up just to say we went there on the opening day, they handed out free sandwich coupons and stuffed cows to my kids. So fun!

  12. That’s my Chick-fil-a also!! I didnt know you lived in the Cedar Park area. I love their new salads! And have you tried the wrap? It’s quite yummy!

  13. Chick-Fil-A is mine and my daughter’s favorite restaurant! My daughter, who is 3, always asks if we can go “eat and climb” and gets so excited when we go! I have been wanting to try the new salads. They look so yummy! I’m glad you can get the Grilled Market Salad without the crumbled bleu cheese, because that’s just not my thing. I, too, love what they stand for and how polite and helpful they are! Thanks for the review!
    Ava recently posted..Alternatives to Google Reader: Final VerdictMy Profile

  14. chelon :) says:

    i am a huge fan of chick fil a …i will definitely be trying these new salads. thanks for sharing!

  15. I love Chick Fil-A. I do not love Chick Fil-A’s political views. Private companies have the right to champion any cause they want, but I wish they put their dollars towards helping families and kids instead of battling marriage equality.

    • Yes, it’s interesting that they apparently have marriage enrichment and foster care programs to keep families together while they actively work so hard to tear so many more apart. Think of all the money they are wasting that they could be using in their foster care program!

    • crystal says:

      While their food is yummy, its for this reason I stopped eating there years ago. While they have the right to champion whatever cause they want, it won’t be on my dollar. Or rather, my $20, since thats what it costs for two people to est there!

  16. Kim in NC says:

    I just had to chime in even though this post is a week old. Your friend is right, CFA has THE BEST chocolate milkshakes EVER! And my husband loves their peach shakes. In the winter, you should try the Tortilla soup; spicy but awesome. And we always joke that when my daughter gets married she’s going to have her wedding reception at Chick Fil A because she loves it so much. Love Chick Fil A, love their service and love the fact that they are bold enough to stand up for their beliefs with grace and love.