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Taking Pictures at the Library

Jennifer Polson PhotographyWe love to visit our local public library. The Round Rock Public Library has an amazing children’s collection and the librarians are super creative and absolutely fantastic with kids. They regularly organize story times and exciting programs.

It is important to remember to photograph your kids as they move through their daily experiences and weekly routines. Everyday events like playing at home or running errands can become the backdrop for great photos. I love looking at pictures of my kids just being kids in familiar settings. These photos help me remember the joy and challenges that happen in our family.

My 4-year old twin boys attended preschool 2 days a week during the school year. Luckily, baby story time was scheduled on one of their school days. So after dropping them off and kissing them good-bye my daughter and I headed to the library. My daughter loves baby story time!

Jennifer Polson Photography

Jennifer Polson PhotographyIt is important to document routine events. The camera in your smart phone is a good choice for quick on the go photos because it can be hard to carry a “big” camera around all the time. Occasionally I take my “big” camera to events that are a regular part of our schedule so I can capture the experience with better quality photos.

Document everything. From the time you go through the door. What do your kids do first? We return our books. Then we visit the library’s pet snake. A Ball Python named Miss Rocksssanne.

Jennifer Polson Photography

Lighting can be very tricky indoors and a library can be especially challenging. Try turning off your auto flash. The small flash that pops up on your camera will go off if your camera’s light meter decides that there is not enough light on your subject. While the flash can be useful at times, most of the time it is too bright and washes out the details you want included in your picture. Turn off the flash and increase your ISO. Look for windows and use natural light to get the best exposure possible.

library library2

Get in close or step back and get the whole scene. Be sneaky, catch your kids reading individually or reading to each other. Change your point of view, get on their level or shoot from above. Does your library have computers for the kids to play on or puppets to play with? Does your librarian have a drawer full of hand stamps? Do you need to use library cards to check out books?

Jennifer Polson PhotographyJennifer Polson Photographer

Remember, rows and rows of colorful books are just waiting to be used to enhance your composition in interesting and engaging ways. Everything in the library can become a prop or a background. Try to avoid clutter or crowds that can be distracting and interfere with your subject.

Jennifer Polson Photography

Be kind and respectful of the other people and remember the library rules. Have fun and be creative!

Please visit your local library for fun summer reading programs!

Thanks Kristen for asking me to write again, it is always a joy!

Jennifer Polson Photography

I LOVE this post!!! Find more of Jennifer’s work at Jennifer Polson Photography.

Jennifer Polson
I am Jennifer...full time mom, wife, photographer, professional errand runner, and wanna be dance superstar! I fell in love in high school when I made my very own pinhole camera. I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital and Photographic Imaging. I love capturing people and telling their story through the images I capture at my home in Austin, Texas.
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  1. Lovely photos!
    Aline recently posted..On the subject of hobbies…My Profile

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I love the idea of documenting every day kind of stuff. You’ve got some really nice pictures in there! I have yet to purchase a DSLR, and keep looking around for other people’s opinions. Most of those opinions are for more posed pictures where you can choose the location. But these are the type of pictures I would like to be taking, of the everyday moments of life. Do you have any advice for a beginner about what type of camera/lens I should look into?

  3. Yvette carter says:

    What an awesome idea!! Love the idea of documenting the small things you might miss when they’re older.

  4. Love this idea! Photos are awesome! Such great memories captured!

  5. I love these photos! We had our Christmas card photos taken at a library last year. I don’t work there any longer, but hubby and I both worked for our local library system for several years. Definitely some unique photo opportunities!
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  6. Love this post!! Makes me want to go out to the library now & do a shoot, great idea to mark memories of childhood!! <3 them all!!

  7. What a precious session and memories captured. Great idea!

  8. Love miss V :-) Loved the images you took around the library. Shows you can get great pictures anywhere! Good to remember to take pictures of the weekly events!

  9. I love this! What a fabulous idea. We spend so much time at the library and I never even thought to photograph it like this, I’m definitely going to do it. Thanks!!!
    Cari recently posted..Maison Cailler chocolate factory & Gruyère factory and castle toursMy Profile

  10. Your pictures are so cute! =)
    Thanks for all of the great tips!