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What to wear in Family Pictures

Deciding what to wear in Family Pictures can be a daunting task. What colors to wear? How can we coordinate, but not be match-matchy? I’ve got some great tips to think about, and at the bottom of the post, links to other ideas to help you on your way to get fabulous family pictures!  I have our family pictures taken at least once a year, if we are going on a fun family trip, I may squeeze in a second (often taking them myself–you can too–see the link at the bottom). I may run all over town looking for the perfect items to wear, but this past year, I mostly used what we had at home for our casual At Home pictures (below). It was my boys favorite ever because they got to wear their favorite athletic clothes!

What to Wear in Family Pictures

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What I Wore Wednesday

I wore this outfit to my workshop last Saturday (still haven’t posted about it!) I LOVE my new belt I got from Thistles Home and Gift, and I got the shirt from Forever 21 in March. My most favorite silver flats (that go with everything) from Forever 21 last year. I ordered several things from Thistles when I saw a discount code on Tatertots and Jello a month or so ago. This dress was among the order, and I love it! Just long enough for me. Earrings and sortof hidden headband from Hoopla (LOVE them, have 10 pair of their earrings now)!My daughter in her new Target dress and my yellow belt twisted around. We slipped a white skirt underneath b/c it was a tad too short. I had to include this shot of her b/c she told me her classmates said she looked like a “jailbird.” Shocking. Yes, I let her dress herself;)I went on a field trip and wore my crisp new white shirt that I got at the Gap outlet (I have a similar green one–LOVE it!) also with purple Hoopla earrings. It was rainy and I grabbed my jacket (that I got years ago) and was so glad b/c I was COLD!
I got this purple lacy dress at H&M last summer in California. I have looked at it hanging in my closet, but never could figure out what to wear it with. It is sleeveless and I prefer a jacket. Just got the gray one at Old Navy and had gray leggings. I like it ok…any suggestions with what to pair it with? Also wanted to wear my new Love Stitched green mint ring.

Linking up to The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday! Go check it out;)

What I wore on my East Coast Adventure

It’s Wednesday, so why not grab some pics of my outfits on my trip and share ‘em?  Even though you will likely see them in the coming weeks, it’s fun to link up to The Pleated Poppy’s What I Wore Wednesday series.  The night before my trip, I posted on facebook how agonizing it is for me to plan clothing for a trip. I generally like to get a new outfit (or two) for such adventures, and with my current weight loss, it was out of necessity to get a bunch of new outfits.  I think I agonize over clothing because I want it to be diverse enough from picture to picture, and also if I’m with the same people to diversivy for their sake (I hope this doesn’t make me sound too shallow).  I like clothes, and I have fun putting colors together, and I don’t ever want to be pinne down to a certain “style” I like to change things up. From boots to converse, I like to shake things up. Since we refused to pay the extra $25 to check on a bag, I packed all of my clothes into a carry on rolling bag, so I really had to plan.  Bringing my boots was my big packing splurge, but I love them, so I’m happy they made the cut;)

I didn’t stand at my front door (as usual) for these, so I did a little cropping in some. Below is a picture in the hotel bathroom my first day.

LOVE the orange/white loose boxy t-shirt. Not sure what the style is, but I love it.  I got it at Forever 21 recently. This first day was our chilliest day. I brought my favorite green trench coat from Charlotte Russe about 5 years ago. New skinny jeans from Old Navy and boots from DSW. This might be my favorite overall in looks and comfort. Gold key necklace and gold hoops to go with.  Funny how both shots are a profile of me laughing…

The next day was a Sunday, so we went to church in the morning, and I kept my skirt on. Gray maxi skirt from Target. Love my silver flats, from Forever 21 last year. Scarf from my local HEB grocery store ($7;) Belt, Charming Charlie’s with pearl studs and bracelts. Not loving my pink shades here, but it’s all I had. I wish I liked how aviators felt on me.  Can’t stand the nubbins on my nose.

Hubby took this (below) with his phone before my shoot in Philly. Polka dot shirt from Forever 21. Pink shoes, quite old from DOTS. Camera bag from Jo Totes.

This was a major walking day (below) so I brought my hot pink walking shoes (can you tell I love this shade yet?) Old Navy striped shirt and pink necklace from an etsy shop I can’t recall because I have so many from several different shops. I think Little Miss Momma’s.

Horrible close up on my pink tenny runners.


Not such a great “full sun” shot…squinting and shadows on the face. Note to (the reader’s) self–don’t do this if you have any control.

I really loved this green shirt I wore on the last day of our trip. Just got it from the Gap Outlet, I loved the button role sleeve on the side, and the detail on the neckline. Close up below of that detail. Paired with my polka headband that I think I got at TArget and my 2 year old Payless cozy flats.

Linking up to The Pleated Poppy’s What I wore Wednesday.  For more outfit inspiration, go check it out!  It’s helped me think differently in the outfits I put together.

What to wear for family portraits

I’ve been chatting on my facebook page, helping my readers plan for their family  portraits. I LOVE designing clothing for a photo shoot, especially the challenge of coordinating, instead of matchy-matching with a family.  The bigger the family, the more fun the challenge!  I was helping a friend shop last week for clothing for her family portraits, because the idea just overwhelmed her.  She decided on grays and blacks (great for winter photos), and I suggested a splash of color…but what color?  I’m still not sure what they will go for, but I am building this post around grays and blacks and a splash of color.

{Edited to add this newer post:  TOP 10 TIPS for gathering clothing for a family photo shoot}

Here are some fun clothing suggestions ideas I’ve found  online:

A touch of YELLOW…


Now, before you get all crazy about where to buy this stuff, the link above is from a year ago, and the items are likely unavailable now.  BUT, use this as a guide…mom doesn’t need a yellow leather jacket (though it pretty much rocks) but a yellow cardigan would work.  I love how the little girl just has a touch of yellow in her headband and the shoes.  Yes, shoes matter!  The investment for family portraits aren’t JUST for the photographer/prints, but in cohesive clothing and bringing it all together for an overall beautiful look. I shop and buy and shop and buy and return, return, return after I have what I want.

Here is a splash of yellow on REAL people:

love those peekaboo yellow tights, hint of yellow shoes, yellow shirt poking out of the mans plaid shirt–LOVE!


A touch of GREEN…


A touch of RED…




A touch of TEAL…


And check out these handsome people pulling it all together from this inspiration board:

recognize anyone?


See…painless, right?