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What I Wore with Stitch Fix

This is my 3rd stitch fix box, and probably my most favorite! Maybe it’s the excitement of winter clothes, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the feather necklace draped around me–I love it!

But first, I tried mixing patterns, and I’m just not sure how it worked out. I like to see a well mixed outfit, but I’ve never attempted it myself. I grabbed my black polka dot cardigan to go with the pencil skirt, but I’m just not sure I could wear this out in public–it feels so ODD!  So let me know–yay or nay.  Promise it won’t hurt my feelings if you’re a big NO!

mixing patterns clothes

Here are a few of the items in my box. Besides the necklace, I also love the cream shirt. It was too shear for my liking, so I put a cream undershirt below, and I actually like how it looks like it’s cap sleeves are in it.

stitch fix

Pretty sure I don’t like that purple shirt. I like the style, but maybe not with leggings? Skinny jeans seemed to bulky with the pockets. I’d love to know your favorite piece from my box!

For those of you curious about Stitch Fix, go online and fill out the information, it’s a bit of a fun process, just answering the questions for the consultants to get a feel for your style. To learn more about Stitch Fix, see my first post here. Full disclosure: I get a credit for each person who signs up on my MY LINK.

Camouflage Pants

Don’t tell anyone, but I’m practically wearing pajama pants around town when I wear these. They are a drawstring waist, and so comfy, I got another solid color pair. I’ve always been a fan of Camouflage.

Camouflage pants

If you haven’t seen my What I Wore posts before, I will occasionally share my clothing selection. I like to play dress up, and I like to get ideas from around the web, so like to share my style a bit.… Continue Reading

What I Wore with Very Jane

I haven’t done a “what I wore” fashion post in a while. For those of you that haven’t seen, I like to share what I wear sometimes, and link up to The Pleated Poppy where others share what they wear, and draw inspiration to mix and max things in my closet. I have a slight obsession with cute clothes, and I really need to “shop my closet” more. By looking at how others pair things, it helps me get a bit more creative with my clothing style. But sometimes I feel silly sharing lots of pictures of myself and what I’m wearing! Anyway…. I have for a long time been a big fan of the deal site, Very Jane. There are lots out there, but this one was first and still favorite in my heart. I’ve been telling my friends about it for a long time. Every day, they share deals on party supplies, home decor, accessories, and clothing. I get a daily email and I’ll shop around from there. This post is dedicated to items I found through Very Jane, and at the end, we’ll have a little giveaway!  They sent me a few items to review, but I’ve bought many, many items on my own in the past 2 years or so from there.

This first outfit, I got the sheer polka dot top found from Very Jane. I paired it with a gray pencil skirt and gray heels, with a touch of fun pink earrings. The gray skirt I actually got at Wal Mart a few months ago.

pencil skirt Sunday dress very jane top


Next up is a casual summer outfit with the hot pink chevron tote found on Very Jane. Is this bag stinkin’ adorable or what?!?

The top is from Downeast Basics. I really wish they had one in Texas, but I either shop online or when I go to Utah. I love the lace at the bottom.  World Globe necklace info found on my favorite things post.

chevron bag

I really love this bag, it is so roomy, comfortable to carry, and has great pockets on the outside and inside. Not to mention, it’s so cute and colorful!

very jane deal site

Lastly, a little navy and yellow for the summer. We’ve had some pretty decent “cool” days around here, so I’ve worn pants a few times!

I’m wearing a cute anchor necklace I found from Very Jane, so with the colors, I say it’s Nautical inspired.

nautical look

anchor necklace

yellow and navy

shoes from Old Navy (so comfy and they slip on!), headwrap from Vintage Rose Wraps, yellow top from Downeast Basics, navy polka dot jeans from Old Navy a while ago. Here is a collage they shared on Instagram for yesterdays deals (still up for grabs).

very jane

Click below to check out Very Jane’s site, (or find it later on my sidebar)

 Daily Boutique Deals

I also follow Very Jane on Instagram and see their daily deals in my feed in a cute little collage!

Today I’m giving away the anchor necklace, and a coral colored sheer polka dot shirt just like my mint one above! The shirt is medium in size, but because of it’s flowy nature would work well on a small or large frame as well.

If you want to win, you have options to leave a comment and follow Very Jane. By following them, you will see their daily deals, too. We can be twinners!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Embracing NEON~What I Wore

For those new to my site, every once in a while, I like to share my outfits, as I like to look at the pleated poppy’s site on Wednesdays to see what outfits others are sharing. I’m trying to “shop by closet” more and I get ideas there!  To see my past fashion posts, head here.

A few months ago I was not a fan of the NEON trend. I told myself I wasn’t going to get into that (similar to the Santa Fe trend), but somehow I found myself buying florescent orange shoes, and I haven’t looked back! In general, I am trying hard not to buy myself new clothes. I’ve had a fun year of buying smaller sizes since my weight loss, and it seemed more of a NEED (2 pants sizes smaller=need), but since I’ve stockpiled items in my new size, it’s now more of a luxury. I’m trying to save my extra pennies for the home projects I’ve set out to accomplish.

In having a pair of NEON orange shoes, I have had to really think about what they “go” with. I wish it were effortless, but it’s not! I didn’t want to wear neon orange shoes with neon orange shirt, but thought it would pair well with another neon shade. I was excited when I saw the neon pink and white striped top at Forever 21, so grabbed it. I also love my new arrow necklace from Designs by Tiffany and Pink sunglasses from Wal Mart.  I had a fun little mini shoot with my 7 year old daughter as my photog;)

Neon clothing trend #neon #fashion … Continue Reading