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Decorating with Portraits at The 36th Avenue

Hello Friends!

My name is Desirée and I blog over at The 36th AVENUE.

I am super excited to be here today visiting with Kristen and all of you.

What a wonderful series this has been!

I want to focus my post today on decorating using children portraits.

I love decorating with pictures… if you were visiting my home you’d find family pictures scattered all over the place.

Some of my favorites however are children pictures.

Having a great photograph is as big a part as having a great display.

Here are some tips that I like to personally follow whether I am the one behind the lens or our children are in front of someone else’s camera.


Show their personalities!

Children are children for such a short time.

What they like one year they may hate the next.

Sometimes you can show their personalities through objects that they love.

Capture them!

Miss Laid Back…

Mr. Tough!

Miss Cute!



I don’t edit a child’s face.

Children are naturally beautiful.

Make sure you capture those unique features that make them… them!

Before we know there won’t be spaces between their teeth…

And those cute little freckles will be covered with makeup…



Listen to them…

Children are naturally creative.

Some of my favorite pictures have come from their ideas.

Welcome To My Life!


A photo is just an image until you print it!

I know many people thinks that in order to display portraits you have to have a gallery wall.

This concept can be overwhelming for some and pretty expensive.

Yes, frames are not cheap.

Here is an idea for you…

Use an old large frame or window and add some chicken wire to it.

{ Click HERE for the full TUTORIAL }

Pin the pictures, change them often, make it fun, and enjoy those moments that make each day count!

I hope this post inspires you to not just take pictures…

… but to use them as accent pieces in your own homes.

Thank you Kristen for having me.

I can’t wait to see the rest of the series!


The 36th AVENUE

Thank you, Desiree!  I LOVE that you mentioned capturing the details, because those details make great artwork!  I also love to capture the fun and spunky personalities.  This series is all about printing images, so that is another GREAT reminder to do so! I discovered Desiree’s blog recently, and then realized she is related to a local friend of mine–fun! I look forward to meeting up with her at the blog conference, SNAP, that we will both attend in April. The 36th Avenue has lots of numbered lists that I could look through for hours. My fave’s are 20 handmade gifts for him and 30 amazing furniture makeovers. You can also find The 36th Avenue on facebook and pinterest.

Decorating with Portraits at I heart naptime

Hey friends! I’m Jamielyn from I {heart} Nap Time and I’m thrilled to be here today! I’ve been loving all the ideas shared in this series. There is SO much you can do with photos in your home. For me I’d rather hang a big picture of my darling kids than anything else. My kids are just too cute not to plaster all over our walls! ;)
I also love displaying pictures in our home from different times in our lives. I know some people switch out every picture when they have new ones taken, but I think it’s fun to leave some of the old ones too. It’s important to show the journey.
I pulled this one out for my Valentine’s display. I just love it! I think it’s fun to display pictures for what season you’re in as well.
I also just finished my daughter’s nursery and LOVE these big pictures I got blown up. I found the 2 square frames from Ikea and the funky frame from Cut it Out. The wall is rather large and I think the big frames fill the space quite nicely. These pictures were just too cute not to put up. Since the shelf in my daughter’s room is pretty high I didn’t nail the frames to the wall. I like the look it gives.
My little girl LOVES seeing her baby pictures. Every morning when she wakes up she points to the wall and says “BABY!” with a huge smile. I think it’s important for our kids to see pictures of themselves in our homes.
I LOVE decorating with photos in my home. They add a personal touch that no other piece of art can.
Thanks for having me Kristen! I adore your blog and the gorgeous photos you take. Thanks for putting this whole series together for us all to be inspired. {hugs}
Thanks Jamielyn!  I love what you said, “It’s important to show the journey” and I so agree!  I like to just keep adding to my wall space–one day I may just run out!  First of all, I ADORE that wedding pic of you and your hubby–kids need to see that kind of love.  Secondly, LOVE your daughters room, and it’s so sweet to hear how much she loves seeing her pictures when she wakes up! Though she hasn’t posted the full nursery reveal (you got a sneak peek) but you can also see the full armoire (trash to treasure) here and her birthday party that inspired the room here. Head directly to I heart naptime or find her on  facebook and pinterest as well. {psst…I’m guest posting on Jamielyn’s blog tomorrow, make sure you check it out!}

Decorating with Portraits at Melissa Davis Photography

Hey there! I am Melissa from Melissa Davis Designs and Melissa Davis Photography.

I have been doing photography since my baby girl was born, over 7 years ago. I fell in love with taking pictures of other people’s kids and families. It was a great outlet for me and I wanted to emphasis the importance of filling your walls with PHOTOS, so I made some wall display options to show my clients. After many requests from photographers to make them into templates, I decided to give it a go and that’s when my focus turned from photography to designs. I still love and adore photography and take MANY pictures of my kids and family! But it was then that I created my very first set of design templates, my Wall Display Templates :

Now, as I said, I love pictures…a lot! And although my mind goes blank when it comes to decorating with them in my own home, I sure do try! I love BIG, make a statement, WOW wall galleries! The first thing you see when you walk into my house is three giant canvas of my kids (sure, they are 2 years old, but I don’t have the heart to take them down…I puffy heart them)! I’ve discovered that pictures don’t do them justice, but I do get that WOW from everyone who enters my home.

For me, having pictures of my family in my home melts my heart. The collage below was my first BIG canvas I ever purchased. At the time, we were tight on funds but there was a sale I couldn’t pass up. I am so glad I went ahead and purchased it anyways! I can’t tell you how many times I have just sat on my couch and adored having this in my home (keep in mind I have had this canvas over 3 years now…I don’t just spend hours sitting on my couch lol).

Last but not least, I did have BIG plans for our 2011 family pictures (taken by Mitzi Torgersen Photography), but was vetoed by the hubby LOL! We are going to be putting our home on the market and don’t need an extra project of filling up holes! I was able to get all my pictures and get them into frames though. I can’t WAIT for the day I get to put it all up! When it’s all done, it will span over 8 ft and for sure be another WOW display in our new home!

So there you have it! Kristen, thanks so much for thinking of me when you put this project together!

Thank you, Melissa!  I love the varying room displays, and I adore the current display–it’s fun to see it spread out and ready to go! I found Melissa a while ago because of her lovely digital design work.  I have used her templates for holiday cards that I offer my clients, as well as our family cards last Christmas. (Hint, get on her email list, and you will be privy to her excellent sales!)  And for photographers, she also creates backdrops for us natural light users–looks SO fun! You can also find her on facebook ;)