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How to make a Glitter Anchor Shirt

I’ve had lots of people ask about the anchor shirts we wore on our family cruise in January. I was so very happy with how they turned out, having been a first for me. So here is a little how-to.

Glitter Anchor Shirt

It was quite easy, though it took some drying time in between layers.… Continue Reading

Urban Walls Vinyl Decals

I’m giving you a little sneak peek into my Living Room, which I plan to reveal in full at the end of the month. I used Urban Walls Vinyl Decals in the shape of hexagons, and I LOVE the way it looks!

Urban Walls Vinyl Decals

I wanted to do something interesting … Continue Reading

How to make Fingerprint Art

I’d seen a few examples online of fingerprint art, but I wanted to go on a grander scale for my project with the pallet in our Master Bedroom Makeover. I had a bunch of leftover planked boards (that resemble pallet pieces) from my Girls Fancy Bedroom Makeover project in my garage, so I slapped the pieces together, then cut them in half to make a piece for each side of the headboard.

how to make fingerprint art

I love how the two fingerprints come together to make a heart.  First, I got an ink pad and grabbed the fingerprints of myself and my husband.… Continue Reading