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Lamanai Mayan Ruins in Belize

Out of our 3 excursions on our family cruise, I wanted variety. In Cozumel we played with the dolphins on the beach, in Honduras we discovered a little island with exotic animals, the third day we had a history lesson viewing the Mayan ruins in Belize.

Lamani Ruins in Belize

I decided it was the best day to wear our matching anchor shirts that I made in the days before our departure. The port in Belize doesn’t allow big cruise ships to pull right up to land because it would damage the reef below. So we had to “tender” which meant we got off of our big boat, directly onto a smaller boat that held around 100 people, and taxi’ed in  20 minutes to the shore. That took a little while, and we were 40 minutes late for our 8:30 tour. Luckily, they waited for us, and within a few minutes, we were on our way.

It was quite a distance to the ruins. I knew that. I knew it would be an hour in the car and an hour on a speedboat. I figured we’d see the countryside and all would be well. It was ok, but looking back, I might have picked the closer ruins to tour. We went to the Lamanai ruins, the closer was Altun-Ha.

Anyway, probably my most favorite part of this day was chatting non stop with our driver and tour guide, Raymond.  I love immersing with locals wherever we go, and the first day didn’t lend itself to that much,  and the second day was so busy, I didn’t take the chance as much. But we were in a car, traveling the country, with free reign on questions, and Raymond was happy to share. He is starting his own tourist group called Foothills Adventures. I talked to him all about starting a website and said I’d help him get it started. In the meantime, email him at and he can help you on your trip to Belize!  He’ll run it with his siblings (he’s one of 13 kids) and his sweet mom (who lives in the country without electricity.… Continue Reading

A day in Cozumel, Mexico

I mentioned in yesterday’s post, that we just got back from a family cruise to the Caribbean. We had so much fun, it felt like a dream! For those unfamiliar with how a cruise works (I was), besides being out at sea, you stop in varying ports to experience the local scene. I specifically booked our cruise to include the 3 ports that we went to: Cozumel, Roatan, & Belize. Today I’ll share what we did in Cozumel.

what to do in cozumel mexico

I’d heard of Cozumel many times before, I knew it claimed beautiful beaches,… Continue Reading

Walt Disney World Family Vacation: Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is a park at Walt Disney World that I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to, but it turned out to be one of my favorites! I remembered it being called MGM, but I guess the name changed.  I guess I didn’t really know what was there, so when I polled my facebook readers about what they loved there, it got me more excited!

{If you missed Days 1-3, get caught up with links on the original post} Disneys Hollywood Studios
I didn’t realize that is is quite “Hollywood” based, and has lots of fun shows with a handful of rides. But the rides were SO much fun–2 of my 3 favorite rides from the whole trip! I like a good thrill ride.… Continue Reading

Walt Disney World Family Vacation: How to Plan your Trip

I recently came back from a Walt Disney World Family Vacation, and we had so much fun! Since it was the first time I’d been with my children, I had so many questions in my mind about what to do in just ONE day at each theme park, so I thought I’d put together a 5 part series with the top ten attractions and tips along with photo ops at each park we went to, in the hopes that it will help others as well.

Walt Disney World Family Vacation

Our family spent 5 days in Orlando, with a 4 day pass to Walt Disney World and a 1 day pass to the neighboring Universal Studios. We decided quite last minute to go for our kids Spring Break, and I was so confused about all of the parks, what rides were at each, what were the “not-to-miss” attractions and food and events. … Continue Reading