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Home at Last

Did you realize I was gone?  I think I mentioned it in one of the posts…I did my best to keep you all entertained whilst I was away, did it work?  Man, I was so proud of myself for pre-planning all of those posts, even though some of them were re-hashes.  Our fam took an 11 day driving trip from Austin out to the Southern coast in California.  Besides logging 40 hours, adding 3000 miles to our new mini, and ditching our “no eating in the new car” policy, we were able to see a handful of “old” friends, lots and lots of family, the beautiful beach, 7 different hotels (with free wi-fi, breakfast, & pool), and more fast food chains than I can possibly handle (including In-N-Out thrice!).  I also took nigh until a million pictures, AND conducted 2 workshops:  one in Phoenix, AZ and one in Huntington Beach, CA.  Can we all say Zooo–E—Mama?  Ok, maybe I heard the Diary of a Wimpy Kid DVD one too many times (Does that “Loaded Diaper” song get stuck in anyone elses head?) I will leave you today with just a handful of pics I took on my new phone with the Instagram app (It helps take muddy point and shoot pics to a different level with quirky color changes).

Some car driving scenery:

Below:  hubby and I wondered to each other each time we passed this, why they didn’t just curve the road just around this rock mountain instead of cut straight through it?

The little one did decently well, as long as she had her blanky (Waa), her sippy cup (sup), and the Wheels on the Bus DVD (BUSS!!!).  Stickers, her big sister next to her, coloring pages, and other items filled in the gaps.

Our Disneyland first time adventure:

This huge EXXON sign was for sale at one of our gas station stops…I had to take a pic for my dad who works for the company;)

The beach:  Oh…how hubby loves the beach…and I do not so much.

love the texture below of the bubbles in the sand…

me and my baby after a long day…

P.S. We also got OUR family pictures taken, and I met 2 new bloggy friends and took THEIR family pictures.  I just can’t wait to share it all with you…I just need to dump all the images on my computer;)  Be excited.  Be very excited.

Took a trip to Utah

Wow, did I have a fun trip to Utah!   A 5 day whirlwind trip with my kids behind in Texas with my parents. I missed them so much by that 5th day!  Today is our first official day of summer and I am trying to make a grand list of Summer Fun Jar activities as we’ve done in years past.  There are SO many blogs highlighting summer fun activities that weren’t out there when I started this 5 years ago, so I am overwhelmed with options!

Here are some images from my first day in Utah.  My friend Amy picked me up from the airport and I got to spend the day with her.  I met her through blogging last year, and it was so much fun to really chat and get to know each other better. She runs The Idea Room blog, and hers is my favorite because it has ideas for kid crafting, recipes, home decor, and even parenting discussions. Here we are in front of her lovely home.

I got the grand tour of her home, she has some mad skillz in the home decor department!  A lot of the projects she has done are highlighted on her blog, but to see them in person was a lot of fun!  After she  picked me up at the airport, we met up with Shelley at The  House of Smiths for lunch at The Gateway ZTejas. I have recently read Shelley’s blog, and enjoy her exuberant personality come out through her writing.  She is just as much fun in real life, and it was fun to pepper each other with lots of questions (since we both knew Amy, but didn’t know each other as well).  I love making new friends.   See Amy’s cute daughter on the side? She was an excellent listener to all those questions as well;)

Shelley treated us to some yummy cookies after lunch.

Back at Amy’s home, her cute daughter did some modeling for me as my grandma watched on;)

 I wish I lived on Amy’s street.  To have her a  neighbor would be a treat, and I was a tad bit jealous that her kids walked across the street for their piano lessons. You’ll see more of this cute fam, since I did their family pics later in the week.  Off to break up my first summer fun fight down the hall;)

Utah, I’m a comin’ your way!

It’s true. I am Utah bound at the end of May. I will do a few mini sessions and if I can get at least 10 people to commit, I’ll do a beginners workshop.

3 mini photo sessions on Friday, May 27th 6 pm in Bountiful/Salt Lake area $250 for 30 min session, disc included.  Depending on the family size, I get about as much as I do in a full session.

Beginners workshop Saturday, May 28th 9-11 am in Ogden. $125 per person. See workshop details here. There is a slight discount to the other workshops because it is a tad shorter.

Here is a little feedback from 2 attendee’s in San Antonio last weekend:

From Amy:

Thank you SO much for coming!!  I *got* it!!  I really did!  I had taken another class months ago and just couldn’t figure out when the guy said “if you change one setting, you have to change them all,” and that’s where he lost me. :)  Your style of teaching was the PERFECT way to explain!  And yes, I’ve been practicing!   IT’s awesome!

From Jessica Jones who drove down from the Dalla area to attend:

I am so proud of myself and I had to show you! I’ve been playing with my camera non-stop since the class and it’s been so fun! Before the workshop I couldn’t get a single in focus shot in manual. My son and I were outside playing today and I snapped this picture that I was pretty proud of until I threw it into photoshop and used your color pop steps, then I was so beyond proud of it! It’s no where near photographer quality, but it’s SO much better than anything I’ve ever been able to do before. I can’t thank you enough for breaking this down for me and making this all seem like something that I can do.
Thanks again!

Here is Jessica’s shot straight out of camera using her manual settings (awesome) with a little color pop from directions out of the workshop notebook on the right (fantastic)!

 Contact me via comment or the form above to book a session or workshop.

Virginia trip~Family #3

I met a lovely family this chilly morning in Virginia, and enjoyed hearing their family story. I always ask when meeting new fams where they grew up and how they met (parents) and how long they’ve been in the area. Since it was a mini session, it was a quick 30 minutes, but we got all the shots we needed. Here is their little sneak peek…

P.S. Check out the review of my e-book from Lolly Jane Boutique!