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Black Leather Pants

I got some black leather pants, and I pretty much love them. Maybe because I feel like I am walking on the wild side, but they are pretty comfortable as well–felt like pajama’s. They seem to fancify the outfit, too, would you say?

black leather pants

I wore them with… Continue Reading

Christmas Holiday Fashion: Red Lipstick and Ankle Boots

I am a big believer in wearing red and green to Christmas gatherings. It’s just against my own personal moral code  not to. I’ve thrown in black, gold, or silver with just a touch of red or green sometimes, but you will never see me wear teal, orange, pink, or even turquoise to a Christmas event–even though I love those colors. I am LOVING the trend of hot pink and turquoise at Christmas, I even got those colors to decorate the tree in my girls room. But I just can’t do it in my holiday dress or in my main Christmas decor in my home.

Today I’m sharing a little “round up” if you will of the Christmas holiday fashion I’ve shared in the past two years, with links to the full posts.

Christmas Holiday Fashion

But first, what I wore the other day, coordinating with my daughters. Starting with the red lipstick–if nothing else, try a little red lipstick at Christmas time. Add it to all black and you’re festive!!… Continue Reading

Little Z Boutique~Children’s boutique clothing

The cutest little dress for my youngest showed up on my doorstep last week. I fell in love with this blue and white striped tutu dress with a sequin peter pan collar the second I saw it!  It is from Little Z Boutique, which is Children’s boutique clothing shop, at an affordable price.  

Little Z Boutique

First of all, I’m a sucker for a peter pan collar–and sequined?!? … Continue Reading

What I Wore with Stitch Fix

This is my 3rd stitch fix box, and probably my most favorite! Maybe it’s the excitement of winter clothes, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the feather necklace draped around me–I love it!

But first, I tried mixing patterns, and I’m just not sure how it worked out. I like to see a well mixed outfit, but I’ve never attempted it myself. I grabbed my black polka dot cardigan to go with the pencil skirt, but I’m just not sure I could wear this out in public–it feels so ODD!  So let me know–yay or nay.  Promise it won’t hurt my feelings if you’re a big NO!

mixing patterns clothes

Here are a few of the items in my box. Besides the necklace, I also love the cream shirt. It was too shear for my liking, so I put a cream undershirt below, and I actually like how it looks like it’s cap sleeves are in it.

stitch fix

Pretty sure I don’t like that purple shirt. I like the style, but maybe not with leggings? Skinny jeans seemed to bulky with the pockets. I’d love to know your favorite piece from my box!

For those of you curious about Stitch Fix, go online and fill out the information, it’s a bit of a fun process, just answering the questions for the consultants to get a feel for your style. To learn more about Stitch Fix, see my first post here. Full disclosure: I get a credit for each person who signs up on my MY LINK.