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Businiversary Giveaway #4~Ruffles and Fringe

I  got a fun package from one of my favorite sponsors, Ruffles and Fringe.

Cute headbands, huh? I love headbands.  I am photographing these for her shop, so stay tuned to see them there soon.

Nicole from Ruffles and Fringe has generously offered a $25 gift card to the winner of this giveaway.  There are so many cute headbands in her etsy shop, and even more to come!  Go check out her shop, and comment below what you would grab with that $25.  

Giveaway closes Tuesday at noon central time.

Giveaway #3~Just Jenny’s Crochet

This gal does great work, and I love handmade items!  She crocheted a bunch stuff for me last winter for this family photo shoot.  CLICK HERE to see lots more.  I had very specific coloers in mind, and I wanted each item to be just a bit different.  Jenny was very open to my crazy ideas.  She made the hats, my scarf, daughters gloves, and cute cute baby shoes.  Check out her other stuff at Just Jenny’s Crochet


 Jenny has offered up a colorful flower scarf for my busini-versary giveaway #3!  She took these pics and will mail the package directly to the winner next week.  Perfect “get ready for winter” item. Here are a few shots:


On her blog, she is doing an October special, giving away the cutest crocheted turkey…go check it out!   Also, a special discount will be given to those who comment here and don’t win…

Knot Heads giveaway ends in 24 hours!

Just wanted to send out a reminder since I think this giveaway got lost amidst the picture posting this week!  Skip down to leave your comment and enter.

Giveaway #2~Knotheads

 We all know that lookin’ cute is very important to beautiful portraits.  For the women, it’s all about the hair.  I met this gal recently who sells the coolest hair accessories–knot heads!  Have you heard of them?  They sell in retails shops (Icing) all over the country, and it all began with her (and a few others)! She offered up a handful of her best sellers for our giveaway!  So what exactly is a knot head?  The definition straight from their website says, “It’s a bendable wire-like accesory that creats all kinds of possibilities for hair styles.”

First, I’ll show you some hairstyles. I was going to take some myself, but they have some great images on their website.

Wrap it like a headband (I love this, as it doesn’t put pressure behind my ears)…

Twist it around for a sleek ponytail (So cute)… 

 And so many other fancy hairdo’s on their site.  There are many colors and 2 lengths…

Short style comes in a pack of 6, 4 inch see more here.

Long style comes with a single 25 inch, you choose your color.

 Here is my daughter wearing the short style in pink:

 I love the added dimension and texture it adds to the hairstyle.  Gives piggies a bit more personality.

You can view lots of tutorials and styles on their website/blog, and with each order, there is a mini dvd with tutorials, too! 

This giveaway includes 2 long style and 1 set of short style.  What colors fancy you?  Go check out the fun styles and tutorials on the website, and see the famous people who are wearing knot heads on their BLOG!

Leave a comment to enter the giveaway through next Tuesday at 5pm Central Time:)