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How to Start a Photography Business: 25 Pretty Packaging and Branding Ideas

Everyone loves a pretty package, right? The professional photography world is such a saturated market, it’s always important to think about ways to have a current or past client coming back (or offer incentives for clients to share on social media, that will have their friends drooling).

Think about it. If someone hands you a gift in a grocery sack, or someone hands you something all tied up in a pretty bow. Placing hidden treasures such as candy is an extra bonus.

Not only are you offering great photography, it’s about the overall experience. Packaging up your order with a lovely presentation is sure to leave your client with warm fuzzies in their heart. It’s just a little visual that will stick in their mind the next time they are needing a photographer. I thought I’d share my packaging along with a bunch of other inspirational ideas to get your mind rolling with ideas to create something unique.

How to start a photography business

I’ve changed my packaging several times, and right now and very happy with the simplicity! I love bright colors, and used the colors from my website to create my logo. {Logo design is a whole other subject, but look on Etsy for designers or even ready-to-purchase logo’s to save money}.

I shared these images on Instagram a few months ago, and got so many fun comments! It let me know that my packaging was a HIT!… Continue Reading

How to Use Social Media to gain Clients with your Photography Business

Don’t bother with paper ads, or brochures in doctors offices, the best way to gain clients for your photography business is utilizing social media.

Expand your photography business

Assuming that you’ve set up your photography business, decided What to Charge your future clients, and have taught yourself to Say NO to Auto and now take beautiful pictures, you are ready for the clients to start banging down your door, right?… Continue Reading

27 Fun & Creative Ideas for Beach Pictures

It’s nearly summertime, and for many people, that means at least ONE trip to the beach, right? I wrote a post for e-how on tips for Beach Photography, and wanted to share some fun and creative ideas I found around the web for taking pictures at the beach! I’ve even included a few of my own from the past.

Fun ideas for beach photography

If you love these images, click on the thumbnails to visit the site of the person who shared, and see their other inspiration!… Continue Reading

How to start a photography business: What to Charge

What should you charge when selling your artwork as a photographer? What to charge when that artwork technically doesn’t have any cost (you bought that camera long ago) for one photography session? I’m going to share my thoughts on what to charge when starting a photography business, from my 10+ years of experience, dabbling in all different price ranges and structures.

Two years ago, I wrote a post titled, Starting and Maintaining a Photography business, and I’ve heard that it comes up at the TOP of a random google search for that similar topic! It’s still got great and relevant info, but I’ve had SOOO many comments of people asking questions that I’m going to tackle some of those, and be more specific on some of the topics I wrote about. SOOO, if you are someone that has thought about starting a photography business, this is for you! If not, then maybe it’ll be interesting anyway, and you can understand why a photographer charges what they do.

Taking pictures of two girls

{Above shot taken on my clients smart phone, to see the images from this session on a gorgeous fall day (some of my faves) check them out HERE}

Did you stumble onto a photography business?

… Continue Reading