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Family Silhouette Inspiration

I love a good silhouette picture! They can be tricky, and I shared a post about how to shoot a great silhouette a while back, but I wanted to share some inspiration for Family Silhouettes. Feel free to pin the collage below, then hop on over to the sites of the images you like best.  Sadly, some only link to pinterest because the original source wasn’t grabbed, but I liked them enough I wanted to share them.


Silhouette Photography Inspiration

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If you love the images below, click on the thumbnails to see more from that photographer.

And the image below is #21 of my kids with a dolphin! If you’d like to learn to take better silhouette’s, click on the image below:

How to take a silhouette picture

Silhouette Photography Inspiration


Outdoor Sports Photography Tips

For anyone who wants some Outdoor Sports Photography Tips, I wrote an article all about it over at the New York Institute of Photography. You can read all about it HERE.

Outdoor Sports Photography Tips

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{I’d love you to pin this image above, NYIP loves me a little bit more if people click over from my site to their site, it lets them know I sent you}

I’ve been photographing my kids playing outdoor sports for a good 10 years. When I first started, I was shooting on auto (gasp). Then at some point along the way, I realized I wanted more from my pictures, and learned how to use my manual settings (I’ve got a book on that if you want to learn). I’ve always said that it’s better to have low quality images and capture the moment than to not have the moment captured at all. I don’t grimace at my photography 10 years ago, but I realize how far I’ve come. Here is a little walk down memory lane for me. 

Sports Photography on Auto

Come learn how to take better outdoor sports pictures.   I also recently wrote about Adding Dimension to your Photography and Tips to Photograph FOOD. Or for more photo tips about a variety of things HERE.

How to Shoot Beautiful Back-lit Images~photography tip

I got to photograph 3 gorgeous sisters last week, and the evening light was just as breathtaking. I thought it was a great time to share images I took, and at the same time give some tips on how to shoot beautiful back-lit images.


backlit imagesThe hour before the sun goes down each evening is often referred to by photographers as the Golden Hour. When the light is shining brightly, it gives the most lovely glow to anything it touches. Backlighting your subjects can be tricky, but with a few simple tips, you’ll soon find you love shooting at this time of day as well. I love the sun.… Continue Reading

Top 12 posts of 2012

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve, friends,  It’s been a fabulous year! I got to travel from New York City to Alaska, and a few other places in between. I connected with other bloggers at a few conferences, and crossed some things off my bucket list. I got to delight in the joy of my children, and have some quality time with my husband. I started painting rooms in my house, lost 25 pounds, and continue to capture the joy in life. Thank you for being a part of my journey!!! I wanted to share the top 12 posts from 2012, if you missed some, check them out!

Clockwise from the top left corner:

1. What to wear in family portraits
2. How to Start a Photography Business
3. LalaLoopsey Party
4. My Weight Loss Story
5. Get Focused: 12 creative tips & techniques to bring your photography to a higher level
6. Repurposed Giant Frame
7. Tin Foil Table
8. Sliding Barn Door TV Cover
9. Custom Made Office Desk
10. Our Homemade Bed
11. Inside my Camera Bag
12. How to shoot Silhouette’s

Some honorable mentions are collective posts.

What I Wore Wednesday  My fashion/What I wore Wednesday posts collectively would be a top 12, but not an individual post made it.

My Love Story I’m getting SO close to finishing my love story novel, but for now, I’ve just got the first 12 chapters.

Say NO to Auto This post introducing my first book was written early in 2011, but it continues to get enormous traffic, and since it wasn’t written in 2012, it isn’t a top 2012 contender, but it did rank right up there with the others.

Decorating with Portraits this February series from some of my favorite bloggers garnered a ton of visitors, but since they weren’t MY posts, it doesn’t make it to the top 12 (look for this to come back in Feb. 2013!)


Did you have a favorite post of mine in 2012?!? Was it mentioned above?

I’d love to hear!!