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How to Start a Photography Business: 25 Pretty Packaging and Branding Ideas

Everyone loves a pretty package, right? The professional photography world is such a saturated market, it’s always important to think about ways to have a current or past client coming back (or offer incentives for clients to share on social media, that will have their friends drooling).

Think about it. If someone hands you a gift in a grocery sack, or someone hands you something all tied up in a pretty bow. Placing hidden treasures such as candy is an extra bonus.

Not only are you offering great photography, it’s about the overall experience. Packaging up your order with a lovely presentation is sure to leave your client with warm fuzzies in their heart. It’s just a little visual that will stick in their mind the next time they are needing a photographer. I thought I’d share my packaging along with a bunch of other inspirational ideas to get your mind rolling with ideas to create something unique.

How to start a photography business

I’ve changed my packaging several times, and right now and very happy with the simplicity! I love bright colors, and used the colors from my website to create my logo. {Logo design is a whole other subject, but look on Etsy for designers or even ready-to-purchase logo’s to save money}.

I shared these images on Instagram a few months ago, and got so many fun comments! It let me know that my packaging was a HIT!… Continue Reading

How to Use Social Media to gain Clients with your Photography Business

Don’t bother with paper ads, or brochures in doctors offices, the best way to gain clients for your photography business is utilizing social media.

Expand your photography business

Assuming that you’ve set up your photography business, decided What to Charge your future clients, and have taught yourself to Say NO to Auto and now take beautiful pictures, you are ready for the clients to start banging down your door, right?… Continue Reading

Outdoor Sports Photography Tips

For anyone who wants some Outdoor Sports Photography Tips, I wrote an article all about it over at the New York Institute of Photography. You can read all about it HERE.

Outdoor Sports Photography Tips

[pinit align="center"]

{I’d love you to pin this image above, NYIP loves me a little bit more if people click over from my site to their site, it lets them know I sent you}

I’ve been photographing my kids playing outdoor sports for a good 10 years. When I first started, I was shooting on auto (gasp). Then at some point along the way, I realized I wanted more from my pictures, and learned how to use my manual settings (I’ve got a book on that if you want to learn). I’ve always said that it’s better to have low quality images and capture the moment than to not have the moment captured at all. I don’t grimace at my photography 10 years ago, but I realize how far I’ve come. Here is a little walk down memory lane for me. 

Sports Photography on Auto

Come learn how to take better outdoor sports pictures.   I also recently wrote about Adding Dimension to your Photography and Tips to Photograph FOOD. Or for more photo tips about a variety of things HERE.

Adding Dimension to your Photography

If you’ve studied a little bit of photography, I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “depth of field” being thrown around.  I remember when I first learned about it, I was confused.   Depth/Dimension=the same thing. I remember I didn’t quite “get it” when talking about depth, but for some reason when I use the word dimension, it makes more sense. To have dimension in photography, it looks more life-like, more real, 3D–if you will. When taking a picture on “auto” you won’t get that same depth, often referred to as “flat” images (say NO to auto here). If you’re using a zoom lens (on auto) it does show more depth, and sometimes you’ll get lucky.  Having dimension is where part of the image is in focus, and part of the image is out of focus, therefore appearing more REAL. Let’s talk about this image below of the blooming tree branch in my former backyard:Adding Dimension to photography

[pinit align="center"]

Isn’t it beautiful, the pink flowers up against the crisp blue sky? I love this image so much, I printed it big for my home. Funny enough, my husband doesn’t love the partially blurry images b/c he has bad eyesight and he says it makes him feel like his eyesight is worse, ha! Anyway, I’m over at the New York Institute of Photography today, talking about How to Add Dimension to Photos, so I’d love if you check it out! I’d also love if you pin the image above, because NYIP loves me a little bit more if people click over from my site to their site, it lets them know I sent you;)

To read tips on HOW to add dimension to your photography, CLICK HERE. I talk about Aperture, lenses, framing, and distance as a little sneaky inside information.

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