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Breakfast in PJ’s Birthday Party

Breakfast in PJs

My cute daughter turned 8, and she wanted a Breakfast in PJ’s party, so that we did! She selected green and blue as the colors to decorate with, and helped me plan the menu: chocolate chip pancakes, orange juice, doughnuts, and lots of BACON!  They also made necklaces with fruit loops, and Trix Krispie treats. I feel like I actually had a toned down party after her sisters Pretty Purple Party in April, because it was a crazy week with family in town for her church baptism. As crazy as it is to make a cute tablescape, when it is all said and done, I look at it with as much joy in my heart as I would a finished bedroom makeover or family photo shoot–creating with color and style is fun for me. I don’t do it to “out-do” anyone else or to prove anything, just for fun for me and my kids who get a kick out of all the effort I put into it. I’ll be sharing the PB&J doughnut recipe next week, but everything else is pretty basic. Enjoy the pictures!breakfast bacon
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How to Photograph Your Child’s Birthday Party

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve asked a handful of fabulous photographers to help me share photo tips on my blog! I have been slacking in that area, and it’s not that I don’t want to, but my efforts are into eating and decorating these days, and my mind is occupied with those thoughts. Please welcome my friend Jennifer!

I am Jennifer…full time mom, wife, photographer, professional errand runner, and wanna be dance superstar!

I fell in love with photography in high school when I made my very own pinhole camera. I have taken several classes with different types of film and really enjoyed the process and dedication it takes.Eventually though I moved into the digital world. I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital and Photographic Imaging. I was able to work for the University Star, the campus newspaper, where I fell in love with photojournalism and being able to tell a story with images. I love capturing people and telling their story through the images I capture.

I am excited that Kristen asked me to participate as a guest and am looking forward to sharing with you my love of all things photography!

Today I’m going to talk about How to photograph your child’s birthday party.

How to photograph your child's birthday party

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Pretty Purple Party

My baby turned 4, and we celebrated with a Pretty Purple Party! She loves purple, and it was so fun to plan a party around just one color! We have lots of purple for the girls, so I pulled out their purple kitchen and items from the girls fancy room to add to the fun! Enter our world of purple and at the end of this post, I’ll share where I found some of the elements. Pretty Purple Party tablepurple party wig  cake pops

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Decorating with Pictures at My Sister’s Suitcase

Excited to share with you some Sisters with some amazing talent, whom I get to call friends. When I met them at SNAP last year, they shared their business card in a suitcase tag–how clever is that?!? I continue to be impressed by their creative talent on their site. 
Hi there! We are Nat & Holly: two sisters that love to create, and hate that we live so far apart. So we started a blog to stay connected and share our ideas! At My Sister’s Suitcase we share DIY projects, home decor, printables, and easy gift ideas. We met Kristen last year at SNAP and we LOVE her! She has been so kind and supportive in helping our little blog grow. Thanks, girl!
I {Nat} love having pictures of our family around the house. It’s nice to have the professional, Christmas-card type photos up and displayed on your walls. I also have a lot of pictures sitting on my computer that never get seen – the less professional type! Today I’m sharing a way to decorate with pictures that is perfect for birthdays (but can be left up long after the party’s over!)
My kids’ birthdays are 2 days apart. I didn’t know how crazy that would be until that first year that we had to have 2 parties back-to-back! My daughter had a girly Pinkalicious party, and then we had a combined family party for both of them. I wanted to decorate with something special that would acknowledge both of their big days! So I looked through all my pics on iPhoto and selected 13 pictures of each child.
For my son turning 1, that meant one picture from each month.
For my 3-year old, I started with newborn and did approximately 3 months apart to show how much she has changed over the years. It was so fun to look back and get all the pictures!
I used a circle punch on each picture (little tiny headshots!) For the pennant banner I used scrapbook paper cut into triangles, sewing them together to make one long chain. I added stickers to mark the months 3,6,9 and 12. I loved seeing the change in our baby’s first year of life!
For the other photo banner, I made a bunch of tiny accordion circles.
1. Cut your paper to desired width. I used 3×12 inch strips of paper.
2. Accordion fold.
3. Make into a loop and staple.
4. Push in the center to make the medallion. I used hot glue on the center to hold it together.
Add your punched out pictures and attach to ribbon, twine, etc. (Thanks, hot glue!)

We had a fun little “Hungry Caterpillar” theme and the photo banners were the perfect finishing touch!

And…I liked them so much they stayed in our kitchen for longer than I’m willing to admit. ;)
I think this may be a new birthday tradition in our house!
Thanks Kristen, for having us! We can’t wait to see the rest of the ideas. And we’d love for ya to stop by My Sister’s Suitcase or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest!
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