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Little French Key Island in Roatan, Honduras

When I asked my friend who took the same cruise last year, what her favorite part of the trip was, she said without a doubt, their visit to Little French Key Island in Roatan, Honduras. She’d read about it on Trip Advisor, and for only being 2 years in operation, it had many rave reviews. Besides hearing that it was a small private island with great amenities, when I heard we got to hold monkeys, I no longer needed convincing that it was the place to go. Swimming with dolphins one day, and cuddling with monkeys the next? It was just so surreal! The monkeys, I found, were just the tip of the iceberg.

Little French Key Island~Roatan, Honduras

I had communicated with the owner via email, and felt slightly nervous that I had a reservation without paying anything. It didn’t feel like a true reservation, but I had to just go with it. I had the option of paying cash or 15% extra with a credit card, so I opted for cash. Apparently, Honduras is known for their shipwrecks still in the water. We pulled into port near a very cool old looking ship. We got off the boat, and had to walk a little distance past locals trying to sway us to ride in their taxi, or go on their tour.

We found our driver, along with a few others from our ship, and took a 15 minute ride through the small island of Roatan off of the mainland, Honduras. Truly humbling to see how our lives are so different from those I saw out the window. Snapped a picture of these two boys selling fruit, as a reminder to my kids to be grateful for what we have.

Roatan, Honduras

At the end of the car ride, we hopped onto a little ferry that held 30 people, and were taken on a 5 minute ride to an even smaller island, Little French Key. I am a most horrible judge of space, but I’d say the island was about an acre total. We got a little tour, and we had the next 5 hours to enjoy it at our leisure. Where to begin??… Continue Reading

How to Plan for your First {Family} Cruise

Our family just got home from our first ever cruise! I thought that along side my sharing all sorts of fun pictures, I’d also show how to plan for your first {family} cruise, because I feel I went into it fairly blind. I put family in parenthesis because some of these tips are for first time cruisers alone without kids, and some tips are for families with kids.  I’ll also share a little printable packing list at the bottom that you can save for later.

How to plan for your first family cruise

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{I made the arrow shirts using my Silhouette Cameo machine to cut vinyl, use it as a sticky stencil and painted. For the girls I added a layer of blue glitter and fabric mod podge to hold it in. My youngest has a sad face here because I said she had to have dinner before ice cream. She wasn’t happy with me for that!}

Let me just say that a cruise has never been on my radar, it just never interested me. Maybe because I saw so many people going and loving it, I wanted to be different and not go just because. I’m weird like that. I also associated it with older retired couples, or often I heard of people going on cruises for their honeymoon.  My husband and I have done quite a few trips together just the two of us, such as Alaska a year and a half ago, to France (here, here, and here), Vermont in the fall, and a few other fun places. He and I actually view vacations very differently. I like to go-go-go, while he likes to stay in one spot.

Last year, when my sweet grandmother passed away, each grandchild was gifted a little inheritance money. Right away, I knew what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to take my family on a fabulous trip, something that we might not otherwise do. But where, I didn’t know. Around the same time, a local friend of mine just got back from taking her family (with 5 kids) on a cruise. She is similar to me with our thrifty spending, and upon inquiring all the details, I decided it might be something I’d enjoy after all. My husband would get what he wanted=relaxing in one spot, and I’d get what I want=adventure.  This friend told me that Roaton, Honduras was their most favorite spot, and that really sparked something in me…Honduras? Who goes THERE?  It had never occurred to me to vacation there, but all of a sudden, it sounded like such a mystical place. With so much going on last year, I didn’t take the time to research a spot to go with my family, sometimes I think it’d be nice to just have someone decide for you!  The cruise that my friend mentioned just kept coming back to me. In November, I booked the 7 day trip, and kept mum until Christmas morning when we surprised the kids with a cruise scavenger hunt! I had to make sure it was also gifted from my grandma, wanting them to appreciate it more.

The 3 big kids cheered as we discussed the details, the littlest one wasn’t sure she wanted to be on a big boat. Once I was booked, I started asking lots and lots of questions to friends in real life and on Facebook. I found that I appear to have been in the minority having never cruised before. It’s pretty commonplace as a vacation!

We traveled from Houston to:… Continue Reading