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Embracing NEON~What I Wore

For those new to my site, every once in a while, I like to share my outfits, as I like to look at the pleated poppy’s site on Wednesdays to see what outfits others are sharing. I’m trying to “shop by closet” more and I get ideas there!  To see my past fashion posts, head here.

A few months ago I was not a fan of the NEON trend. I told myself I wasn’t going to get into that (similar to the Santa Fe trend), but somehow I found myself buying florescent orange shoes, and I haven’t looked back! In general, I am trying hard not to buy myself new clothes. I’ve had a fun year of buying smaller sizes since my weight loss, and it seemed more of a NEED (2 pants sizes smaller=need), but since I’ve stockpiled items in my new size, it’s now more of a luxury. I’m trying to save my extra pennies for the home projects I’ve set out to accomplish.

In having a pair of NEON orange shoes, I have had to really think about what they “go” with. I wish it were effortless, but it’s not! I didn’t want to wear neon orange shoes with neon orange shirt, but thought it would pair well with another neon shade. I was excited when I saw the neon pink and white striped top at Forever 21, so grabbed it. I also love my new arrow necklace from Designs by Tiffany and Pink sunglasses from Wal Mart.  I had a fun little mini shoot with my 7 year old daughter as my photog;)

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