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St. Patricks Day Lunch Jokes

When my kids lunch jokes (and now brain teasers) debuted 2 years ago, I never made St. Patricks Day Lunch Jokes, so I had to make sure to remedy that this year! For several years, St. Patty’s Day has fallen over my kids spring break, but this year they will be in school. Though they are home the week before, I will get them in their lunches the first week of March, and think I’ll stick them around the house for them to find on the Spring Break days since we’ll mostly be home.

Kim from 733 designed this, and I love ‘em!

St. Patricks Day Lunch Jokes for Kids


I’ve made Kids Lunch Jokes for all year long as well as other holidays, get them here!

Spring and Easter Kids Lunch Jokes

I’ve collected some ideas in my St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest page, HERE.

Get this printable below, at 733.

st patricks day printable

Printable Kids Lunch Jokes and Brain Teasers

I’m so excited to share another batch of kids lunch jokes, plus a new set of brain teasers for the older kid crowd!  2 years ago I introduced the first set of lunch jokes, and they were so popular with readers as well as my kids,  so I made many more sets. I even mades sets with holiday themes throughout the year!  It was something that I wanted to do for my kids that I though others might enjoy, too. My fabulous friend Kim at 733 Blog whipped these up this new batch for me to share with all of you!  At the bottom of the post,  you’ll find the link for these, and to my past post with over 100 printables of more lunch jokes to last you throughout the year!

Printable Kids Lunch Jokes and Brain Teasers

It all started when I wanted to do more than just put a little note in my kids school lunches….

I wanted them to:

a) know I love them and was thinking of them (just putting anything in there does that)

b) put a smile on their face from mom

c) share something fun with their friends at the lunch table

This first set I’m sharing today can really be for any age, but geared towards the younger elementary school crowd. I’ll still cut them up for my middle schooler, though. Click on the jokes to download, or there are links at the bottom.


The second set is a bit trickier, I call them brain teasers. They are aimed for the middle school (or even high school) age group, but it would still be a fun challenge for the younger crowd (and the answer IS on the back).

lunch_brain_teasersI simply print, cut, and each morning when I place them in their lunches, I sign, “love, mom.” If I need to add something specific that day, I’ll do it then.


lunch jokes

For each set, there are two pages, one for the front and one for the back. You would ideally print on front and back from your printer.  They are lined up so that the answers are on the back of the question. If you don’t have a duplex option to flip the print and the printer feeds it through, you just have to line up the paper so it prints the right!  When I couldn’t figure out my printer to do duplex printing, I have printed them before not double sided and just cut ‘em and taped ‘em together. No biggie!  I personally will print 3 copies of each page (for my 3 kids), cut them up and put them in the drawer in the kitchen with the ziploc bags that I use for school lunch making. That way, they are all ready to go each morning. I’ve actually gone to visit them at lunch and get to see them pull out their joke, and share it with their friends. It’s fun. Their friends start to look forward to it, too!

brain teasersHope you and your kids love them as much as we do!  Click on the links below to download the printables.

 10 New Lunch Jokes

10 Brain Teasers

Old post with over 100 lunch jokes

including holidays throughout the year

HalloweenThanksgivingChristmasValentines DaySpring & Easter


So are you going to do it? Print out some jokes for your kids lunches? I’d love if you Pin It so others can benefit, too!

5 Back to School Ideas

August has arrived, and that pretty much means that summer is almost over. I took these fun pictures of my schoolgirl last year as her “Back to School” shots, and she had fun playing with the props with me.

Back to School Ideas

I’m working on something fun with Target that I’ll share soon enough, but I wanted to chat about my Back to School thoughts.

Target Logo


We do have 3 solid weeks left of summer, and we will play hard, but I think we are all ready for a bit more of a schedule. I fight the schedule, I tell you. I love days where we don’t have to be anywhere unless we want to. We’ve been practicing a “penny pinching” strategy over here, and my kids have been very understanding that we won’t fulfill all of the expensive outings on our summer checklist. It’s challenged us to get more creative!  At the beginning of the summer, I enforced a “no electronics rule” before 3pm, and it’s helped them wake up and read books…and play games…which has been amazing! They’ve gotten creative and figured it out for themselves instead of expecting me to entertain them at all times.

In the week before school starts, we have a Back to School dinner where we talk about the upcoming year, and discuss a theme for the year. Last year our theme was Be a Builder, and I made the dinner fun for the kids! They were encouraged and reminded the importance of building other people up with kindness.

I make their lunches several days a week, and include lunch jokes so they can have a little laugh and think of how much I love and miss them. I do miss them. I wish I could do a half day at home and half at school because I see such value in them being in school, but I love them being home, too. I feel I am raising independent kids by sending them to school….and that’s what I want when they grow up, though it stinks now.

Our school does a Welcome Walk, where the elementary teachers just show up on your doorstep, and that’s how we know who their teacher will be for the year. There is always a bunch of nervous excitement, as the kids stare out the window and speculate who their teacher may be. There are also lots of calls/texts between friends to see if our kids are in the same class as each other. We decorate the front door, and one year I made this fun pencil wreath to greet the teachers.

I’ll have kids in 7th, 5th, & 3rd, and continue to teach my  youngest pre-school on a rotation with a few other moms. Just one more year with her as my sidekick, then she’ll head off to kinder. Oh, be still my heart!

I’m going to be taking my kids school shopping soon, as well. It’s a great time to start fresh after summertime has taken it’s toll on their wardrobe. Target is my “go-to” spot for affordable and cute kids clothes for all 4 of my kids, so we will be headed there (stay posted, I’ll share our faves). My older daughter has great style, and her own opinion now, so it’s a little tricky for me to step by and just let her be, but that’s what I’ll aim to do…with occasional nudges on my behalf. I’m happy that she is embracing the NEON trend like me, so hopefully we’ll find some of that on our hunt. This picture was taken of her at then end of her first day of school last year–I’d say it was a good day.

back to school

5 Back to School Ideas:

  1. Have a back to school dinner with theme for the year
  2. Take Back to school themed pictures
  3. Create something fun (like the pencil wreath) to get excited
  4. Print lunch jokes to slip into your kids lunches
  5. Go School shopping and find something fun to wear!


Target. Expect more. Pay less.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media. The opinions

expressed herein are mine and are not indicative of the opinions or

positions of Target.

Flash from the past: Kids School Lunch Jokes

Since I don’t normally post on the weekends, I thought I’d at least share some of my favorite past projects on Saturdays that some of you new folks haven’t seen before. Today, I’m going to share the Lunch Jokes that may have gotten lost in the archives. I made an entire years worth of jokes to slip into your kids lunches, and I’m using them again this year! My kids love them, and it’s my way of saying “I love you” in a subtle way, that even their classmates love and look forward to each day!


Click on the picture of HERE to go to the original post introducing the lunch jokes. At the end of that post is the link to the rest (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, End of school jokes). In the future, you can always type in lunch jokes over to the right on the search button on my sidebar and it will take you to them, too. That’s how I get there each time!