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How to Make Watercolor Handprints

Hi, it’s Jackie from Teal & Lime here.  Today I have an easy and quick way to capture your little one’s handprints.

I will never get over how quickly my little boys hands grow.  I have a growth chart marking their height.  I see them grow out of clothes everyday.  But, how their tiny hands expand captivates me.  I remember how itty bitty and fragile those sweet baby fingers were.  Even at 4 and 6, their little fingers are still pudgy and uncoordinated, but they are so much bigger than those baby fingers.

I love using their handprints for gifts year after year.  It never gets old.  And, each time we do it, the end result is completely different.  Their little hands are always growing.

My mother and mother-in-law love nothing more than art my kids make for them, and they are just as smitten with their tiny hands as I am. With Mother’s Day around the corner, I came up with this special art project to do with the kids.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

I first learned about using rubber cement as a resist from Sand & Sisal. She did this fantastic stenciled water color project with her kids. I loved everything about it, but for a Mother’s Day gift, I wanted to make something a bit more personalized.

We decided to make watercolor “handprints”. These make pretty art prints, but would also be really cute on the front of a card.

My boys had a ton of fun making their rainbow colored hands. This project got rave reviews and they are begging to redo it with more shapes.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

How to Make Water Color Handprints


  • Watercolors and paint brushes
  • Watercolor paper
  • Pencil
  • Rubber Cement
  • And, cute little kids hands :)


1. Trace your little’s hand onto watercolor paper.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for
2. Use rubber cement to mask off the area you don’t want painted. We tried these 3 different techniques:

  • Painting rubber cement inside the hand outline (leaving a white handprint inside the watercolor)
  • Painting rubber cement around the outside of the handprint (confining watercolor inside the handprint)
  • Half and half, where we drew a line down the center. On one side we painted rubber cement inside the hand and on the other side we used rubber cement outside the hand.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

3. Let the rubber cement dry.

4. Paint with watercolor, inside or outside the rubber cement lines. The rubber cement resists the watercolor, but try not to paint on top of it too much, because if there are any gaps in the rubber cement the color will seep through.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

5. Let the watercolor dry completely.

6. With your finger gently rub off the dried rubber cement revealing your watercolor masterpiece. As an added benefit, the rubber cement will erase the pencil when you rub it off.  Use the pencil eraser to clean up any leftover pencil lines.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

Here is what are final art prints look like:

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

How cool is the rubber cement resist?  The possibilities of this technique are endless.  And, it is a precious way to capture their tiny hands in one moment in time.

Easy Watercolor Handprints  | Teal & Lime for

After School Snacks

I don’t know about all of you, but it seems the second my kids walk in the door after school, I’ll hear, “I’m starving!” Even though they often have snacks in the last hour of school. After school snacks are a time to sit down with the kids (while they are filling that void of starving-ness), and hear about their day. Sometimes the snack is fruit, sometimes it’s popcorn or pretzels, every once in a while I’ll bake something, but I’ve found a fun way to mix it up, is to offer small bowls of cereal without milk. A favorite around our home is Kellogg’s Frosted Mini Wheat cereal, mixing in the standard flavor along with the strawberry and blueberry flavors. After School Snack Ideas Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats   It’s a hearty snack, that paired with an orange, will hold off the crazy until dinner time! I don’t sit down with them every day, but … Continue Reading

New LalaLoopsy Dolls

I’ve got two girly girls who love Lalaloopsy Dolls. If you remember, we did a Lalaloopsy birthday party for my daughters 3rd birthday a year or so ago. I fell in love with those dolls the first time I saw them. They are so bright and colorful–right up my alley! They have mini’s for the little hands, bigger dolls, and medium sized, too.

They’ve now come out with different varieties, and we were sent a Loopy Hair doll and 2 Workshop dolls–my girls thought that was so much fun!

Let me tell you a little about these dolls.

First, the Loopy Hair Doll:

Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair Doll

This doll is so adorable with it’s flowing long, blue hair It has extra soft, long hair that can be styled, twisted, braided, and brushed! This one is Mittens Fluff-n-Stuff. Isn’t that a cute name??… Continue Reading

Printable Kids Lunch Jokes and Brain Teasers

I’m so excited to share another batch of kids lunch jokes, plus a new set of brain teasers for the older kid crowd!  2 years ago I introduced the first set of lunch jokes, and they were so popular with readers as well as my kids,  so I made many more sets. I even mades sets with holiday themes throughout the year!  It was something that I wanted to do for my kids that I though others might enjoy, too. My fabulous friend Kim at 733 Blog whipped these up this new batch for me to share with all of you!  At the bottom of the post,  you’ll find the link for these, and to my past post with over 100 printables of more lunch jokes to last you throughout the year!

Printable Kids Lunch Jokes and Brain Teasers

It all started when I wanted to do more than just put a little note in my kids school lunches….

I wanted them to:

a) know I love them and was thinking of them (just putting anything in there does that)

b) put a smile on their face from mom

c) share something fun with their friends at the lunch table

This first set I’m sharing today can really be for any age, but geared towards the younger elementary school crowd. I’ll still cut them up for my middle schooler, though. Click on the jokes to download, or there are links at the bottom.


The second set is a bit trickier, I call them brain teasers. They are aimed for the middle school (or even high school) age group, but it would still be a fun challenge for the younger crowd (and the answer IS on the back).

lunch_brain_teasersI simply print, cut, and each morning when I place them in their lunches, I sign, “love, mom.” If I need to add something specific that day, I’ll do it then.


lunch jokes

For each set, there are two pages, one for the front and one for the back. You would ideally print on front and back from your printer.  They are lined up so that the answers are on the back of the question. If you don’t have a duplex option to flip the print and the printer feeds it through, you just have to line up the paper so it prints the right!  When I couldn’t figure out my printer to do duplex printing, I have printed them before not double sided and just cut ‘em and taped ‘em together. No biggie!  I personally will print 3 copies of each page (for my 3 kids), cut them up and put them in the drawer in the kitchen with the ziploc bags that I use for school lunch making. That way, they are all ready to go each morning. I’ve actually gone to visit them at lunch and get to see them pull out their joke, and share it with their friends. It’s fun. Their friends start to look forward to it, too!

brain teasersHope you and your kids love them as much as we do!  Click on the links below to download the printables.

 10 New Lunch Jokes

10 Brain Teasers

Old post with over 100 lunch jokes

including holidays throughout the year

HalloweenThanksgivingChristmasValentines DaySpring & Easter


So are you going to do it? Print out some jokes for your kids lunches? I’d love if you Pin It so others can benefit, too!