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My favorite Quintuplets turn Three!

 For those of you that haven’t been following my work too long, you should know that I’ve had the pleasure to photograph a set of quintuplets since they were about 6 weeks old.  I’ve become dear friends with their mom, and our families simply adore each other (our older kids match up nicely).  We try to do dinner every month and switch off hosting.  They live on the other side of town from us (ok, its only 25 minutes, but seems like forever) so we really have to schedule to get together.  They are adorable and fun to watch, and their family has so much love.  I love spending time with them!

 They actually at TWO celebrations this year, and sadly I wasn’t able to make the first one.  Fortunately for all of us, we will get to see it on TEE-VEE!  That’s my excited way of saying TV.  They filmed a special on their family and it will air on TLC sometime in the next month or two.  They actually followed them for a week.  Ok…calming down. 

Rachelle made cute little rice krispie individual “cakes” for the kids and they each got their own “happy birthday song” sung to them in their birth order.  Also, since birth, they have each been assigned a color and they KNOW which one is their color.  For the rest of us, she made ice cream cake with those 5 colors amidst chocolate cake.  YUM!  Other kids were calling it the “boy” cake and the “girl” cake.

 The crowd of people each have their favorite quint.  One even claimed to me to be the co-owner of a specific child.  Rachelle has had these families help her at church, at home, on afternoons…as they would take their said favorite child for an outing. She is so blessed to have these families around her.  But, she really is a bit of a superwoman.  I mean, she made our family HOMEMADE rolls for dinner just before this event.  They were sitting out when the crowds arrived and the aroma led them to their mouths.

With all this love comes presents. 

 CLICK HERE to see some past quintuplet sessions and CLICK HERE to see Rachelle’s blog–all about their happy and crazy life!  We’ll do a 3 year photo shoot in a few weeks.

Self Portraits with my Kids

Equal to my passion to decorate with portraits is my desire for moms to get out from behind the camera and to be in pictures with their kids.  I wrote an extensive blog post over at The Idea Room, so go check it out.  In the next week, we are having a link up party to share our creative efforts to have pictures taken of us alone or with our kids. 

Here are 3 self portraits I took with my family:

This first one, the kids were gathered on the laps of myself and my husband as he read through a book we gave him for Father’s Day.  I had to jump up and get my camera when I saw our reflection in the glass of the fireplace.  My baby isn’t in it, and I am barely seen (camera in front of my face) but I have a teal blue shirt on.

This next one was my effort to try for a “Got Milk” ad.  My baby also not present, and I wish I didn’t have my hair slicked back after a shower, but oh well. 
I took the kids to downtown Austin to check out a local cupcake shot, polkadots.  The cupcakes were delicious and the atmosphere was charming. 
Now, go to The Idea Room and share your self portraits from your blog, or email them to me and I will include them.  Contest and Giveaway ends Wednesday June 30th at noon.

My baby turned one~Pretty field, vintage chair

My awesome photographer friend, Rachael Penman, has the coolest chair and she let me borrow it! I am a month overdue on my babys’ first birthday, but I did a photo shoot, and she looks about the same as she did a month ago.  This field–WOW, it is STUNNING!  Who knows how long it will last, but it was fun for me.  I am numbering the images so you can help me decide what to print for our home.
Ah…the beautiful evening light…




My oldest son came to help me (he carried her while I carried the chair).  Love this moment captured below.


Biggest brother, my awesome assistant:)  This will go perfect on the wall arrangement I am planning (right, Liz?)


she is crying, “please, can we be done?”


Ok…we’ll go home. 

Share with me your favorite.  It’s hard to be objective as the mama because I love my baby in all of them.  Notice I got lots of candid shots, she refused to look at me.


This was the second session in a week for the two cute girls you see here. Their little cousin, Beck was added, and they sure worked hard to follow him around. He wasn’t so thrilled to sit still, but we got a few.

I love his clear blue eyes.

This one below just makes me smile:) The girls running to catch up to their cute little cousin. It’s one of my favorites.

Below is another favorite…