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Look who turned 6!

My sweet girl.  We had a little photo shoot in her birthday outfit, just minutes before her pink lemonade party.

 She is very excited to grow up just a little bit more…and as hard as it is for me to see it happen….

 I am really enjoying her along the way.

My kids+feather pillows=happy smiles!

Ever since I told my kids about my friend Tricia’s family photo shoot, they wondered why I couldn’t do something fun like that for them.  What they didn’t know is that I left that shoot with 2 opened pillows just waiting for the right moment. We headed across the street to the forest “fort” the boys built with the neighbors.

I decided to do less pillowing fighting because I could envision tears.  The baby got to hold the pillow (she was pretty happy about it) and then we just pulled out a bunch of feathers.  There were complaints of feathers in eyes, but I reminded them of what I promised after for happiness all around.

clothing: just got my oldest sons shirt at Target and he said he’ll never wear it again (boo).  Then turned a halloween shirt inside out for son #2.  Had both the girls clothes already. Oldest daughters headband from Ruffles and Fringe.

I plopped my baby on her brothers’ lap and she flashed me a smile (shocking).

Then she decided to move to another location, I thought were were done.

Then she sat down next to him and looked up and smiled at me…even more shocking!  She usually ignores me with camera in hand.

I love every single one, they are my kids after all, do you have a favorite?

I am headed out to Washington, D.C. today (with my 22 month old lap child) and will be gone through the weekend.  I don’t plan to blog, but I will be checking my email and filling e-book orders.  Check out this blog review done today by MaryJanes & Galoshes if you are still on the fence about getting a little book for yourself;)

Also, someone found that Snapfish prints and binds and ships to you if you don’t want to hassle with doing it yourself.  About $7 total here.

I would LOVE if you have found the book helpful, to leave a review of your own in the comments of this post.

My 4 kiddos

We did a very mini Valentines shoot the other day for my post on The Idea Room.  My oldest daughter is always a very willing participant (LOVE her dance moves) but my boys are another story.  They are over all my tricks to get them to smile…I have to be more creative.  My baby was stuck on a stool in the kitchen, love her smile here.  I love them and I love to capture them when they let me.  e took enough to fill a BINGO card.  Go check it out over there.

I am working on a post for step by step instructions on the yummiest and prettiest Valentine’s cake. Simple and basic ingredients include Devils food cake mix, 2 bags semi sweet choco chips, whipping cream, white choco chips and fresh strawberries. Everything else you’ll have on hand (eggs, oil, butter). Check back tomorrow for this recipe.

lovin’ my 17 month old baby

I decided to rebel against the traditional 18 month pics, and go for the big 17.  My baby was born on the 17th, after all. Also, I am a lover of all things seven.  My b-day is 7/7 and I was thrilled to deliver my baby (several weeks early) on the 17th.  Brought immense joy to my soul.

My hubby says she isn’t a baby anymore, but a toddler.  I’m not a fan of him telling me that.  She is MY baby.  I took her out this morning, just the two of us. I usually bring an assistant, but I packed my van full of odds and ends, and went for it.  She was actually quite cooperative (besides frequently wanting to take her bows out) and happy.  I just love my baby.

Below…showing me that she took her bow out…

I love this telephone shot

And this one makes me pretty happy…

Then we had an outfit change…

 Then we had a scene change…

Then she stopped looking at me when I called her name…

So we went to the park nearby and she was in heaven…

Love my baby…

  As I mentioned for her 1 year pics, I have a hard time being objective and picking my favorites because she is my baby and I LOVE THEM ALL…all her funny facial expressions and her quirkiness. Which are your favorites?