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My sweet Nephew

A quick little 10 minute session on the driveway of the home we stayed in to snap some shots of my nephew at age 6 months.  He is moving off to China (along with his fam) so I won’t be seeing  him for a while!  Cute little smile, he has;)

Sydney turns ONE!

Just look at her crystal baby blues.  A little over a month ago, I went to my nieces first b-day party in Houston.  It’s my youngest brothers first child. She is a happy little baby and the recipient of the hand me down wardrobe from my girls.  I made a red and black circle banner that morning, and as we drove into town, we hit traffic and we were an hour late.  I came in stringing the banner with a room full of people.  Bummer. I was also completely ill.  I had not felt this sick in a long time, and actually slept most of the 3.5 hour drive there with a raging sore throat. I posted a little about that in my Houston Workshop post.

Just look at that cute cake! Made by my sis in laws friend, Texas.  Yes, her name is Texas. Isn’t that fun?

Here is a quick few pics of their cute little family. I did a quick edit and removed the air conditioning unit behind them;)

Syd got right into her cake eating!

This last shot is in a pair of pants that both of my girls wore, and I love to see cute little Sydney in them, too!  She kept trying to take off her ladybug tentacles….;)

A happy little Vincent & his parents

This cute family, I have known since their beginnings.  I was at their wedding, and I photographed mom when she was expecting this little guy. My husband works side by side with dad, they see each other all day long, and I’m so glad he keeps my hubby company!  I had seen this little guy growing up on facebook, but when we got together for this shoot, I realized I had never met him.  Let me just say right here and now the he is the. smiley-est. baby.  I. have. ever. seen. He is captivating, his eyes, his hair, he is so handsome!  I just couldn’t get enough of his happy disposition. He just turned one, and I feel so honored that I got to photograph this cuteness!  Below is the first shot I took…I just peeked from around the camera and said, “hello” and this is what he gave me;)

LOVE this last one!

 Does that little boy not have charm?  Just a beautiful family. Another petitie portrait session, got all this in just over 15 minutes.

Ava & Kingston

I’ve done a handful of petite portrait sessions lately, and they’ve been so much fun! I have heard some people are hesitant to book them because of the short 15-20 minute window, but with little ones, that tends to be how long they last anyway!  If you just want one great family shot, or just an individual of each child, it is the perfect amount of time.   I had fun with these 2 cute smiley kids, and this all happened in about 15 minutes;)

This was supposed to be for just the kids, but I told mom to jump in a few and give them a squeeze.

Do we think he’s happy about the kiss from his big sister?

Oh my, look at this gorgeous smile!

And happy boy with a good amount of teeth!