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Fancy Birthday Festivities

My daughter had a birthday party and I got really excited about decorating for it–I wanted to share.  It was a “fancy” party (because she loves Fancy Nancy) and she chose purple, pink, and orange for me to make a cake with and decorate around.  I love making my kids birthday cakes–though it isn’t something I’m great at.  I took a fondant class a few months ago and made the marshmellow fondant (quite yummy).  It fell apart a few times, but I feel good about my first fondant cake.

we had parfaits…
I am linking up to the CSI project, not sure why the button isn’t working properly…
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The Quints turn 2

I just love these little guys! I met them when they were about 2 months old and have been photographing them ever since. They even have their own category on my blog! They turned 2, and they are so cute with their talking and playing with each other…all grown up!

A little race….

The girls singing the second verse of ring around the rosie…something about the cows sleeping in the meadow…they are asleep;)
Even London Bridges
Bye bye!
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