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9 Little Indians

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the United States! This holiday is all about Pilgrims and Indians, and I got to photograph 9 Little Indians a few days ago, so I had to hurry up and edit some images to share on this fun holiday. These adorable Indian head-dresses were handmade by one of the mama’s, Jana at My 24 Hour Design.  You can find step by step instructions on how to make them there (plan ahead for next year)!  The 9 kids are siblings and cousins gathering together for the holiday.





Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

3 handsome boys~Round Rock photographer

This petite session was super easy–3 happy and adorable boys made it that way. Did they want to run around and explore? Yes. But we had so much fun, and it was tough to narrow down my faves.

My favorite Quintuplets!

We are LONG overdue for a quintuplet post. I used to photograph them every month their first year of life, then it was every few months, now it tends to be about once a year.  I had a good friend and client recently tell me, “You know, I love looking at your blog, but my favorite is when you share those quintuplets.”  So, Dona, here you go!  I used to have a Quintuplet category, but it isn’t appearing.  I just typed in Quintuplets in my search bar in the footer and got a link that goes back several pages. Their fantastic mom, Rachelle, has become a dear friend, and her blog documents all of their adventures!

I was asked by Mi Cielo again to photograph some of their handmade pieces.  She has lots of Star Wars characters, so I thought this would be so fun for the quints to model her designs! Here are some of them off of the shirts:


And here are those cuties as models, just after they turned 4:

Now wouldn’t you love a set of quints?  Go check out Rachelle’s blog to see their recent pre-school field tripping adventures!  If you are interested in these cute, felt, Star Wars designs, check out Mi Cielo…handmade with love in Hawaii;)

Sisters~Austin Family Photographer

These two girls are so adorably sweet and delightful to photograph. We had a lot to live up to from our last photo shoot, but we had just as much fun at their grandfathers property, and I was delighted to get giggles and smiles the whole time through. I brought a few little tricks up my sleeve as well;)

And a fun little slideshow with a few extras…;)