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Ava & Kingston

I’ve done a handful of petite portrait sessions lately, and they’ve been so much fun! I have heard some people are hesitant to book them because of the short 15-20 minute window, but with little ones, that tends to be how long they last anyway!  If you just want one great family shot, or just an individual of each child, it is the perfect amount of time.   I had fun with these 2 cute smiley kids, and this all happened in about 15 minutes;)

This was supposed to be for just the kids, but I told mom to jump in a few and give them a squeeze.

Do we think he’s happy about the kiss from his big sister?

Oh my, look at this gorgeous smile!

And happy boy with a good amount of teeth!

Look who turned 6!

My sweet girl.  We had a little photo shoot in her birthday outfit, just minutes before her pink lemonade party.

 She is very excited to grow up just a little bit more…and as hard as it is for me to see it happen….

 I am really enjoying her along the way.

The Texas Bluebonnets

The bluebonnets just weren’t that great this year.  Last year, they were lush…this year, not so much. My friend Amy asked last minute if I could run out and grab some pics of her kids in them (we do a trade–she is a handy seamstress–and I asked her last minute to make a window treatment, so we do that for each other).  We went, though it was the very tail end of their vibrancy in a very slow year. The kids had fun color coordinated outfits and we got some great individuals.  The group shot was a bit tougher to come by….;) all done.


This was the second session in a week for the two cute girls you see here. Their little cousin, Beck was added, and they sure worked hard to follow him around. He wasn’t so thrilled to sit still, but we got a few.

I love his clear blue eyes.

This one below just makes me smile:) The girls running to catch up to their cute little cousin. It’s one of my favorites.

Below is another favorite…