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Easter Bunny Chocolate Cakes

Spring is in the air and what’s more springy than sweet bunnies?I’ve got these cute little Easter Bunny Chocolate mini Cakes to share with you today, and my friends with their bunny ideas, too!

Easter Bunny Chocolate Cakes

Get your PIN fingers ready and check out these 10 bunny themed projects, then read on for the full tutorial how to create your own Easter Bunny Chocolate Cakes.… Continue Reading

Quick and Easy St. Patrick’s Day Silly Straws

Hi, Jackie here from Teal & Lime.  I am dropping in today with a little St. Patrick’s Day cheer for the lunch box!

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

When I was growing up I always wanted to have the perfect thing to wear on holidays and special occasions. You know, pink or red to wear on Valentine’s. And, especially, a green shirt to wear on St Patrick’s Day. Because, I am proudly 3/4 Irish…I have the freckles and a red-haired father to prove it!

I loved wearing my green shirt and a sticker or button that said “Kiss me, I’m Irish!”  Any holiday that involves green beer and puckering up is too much fun to ignore, whether you are Irish or not.

Now that my oldest son is in school, every minor holiday is a big deal. But, he wears a uniform. So, there is no green shirt, or sticker or button.

I wanted to find a fun way for my son to show off their Irish pride at school, and maybe over breakfast at home.

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

My solution is a fun little surprise for his lunch box…a festive silly straw to drink his milk with :)

I got this idea when I passed some silly leprechaun mustache straws at Target. What a fun idea!  They were only a couple dollars, but I knew I could make my own in a few minutes and with things I already had on hand.

This is all you need:

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

I plan to put two straws in his lunchbox and he can choose which to use or share one with a friend. One has an orange leprechaun mustache and the other is green puckered lips with an appropriate St. Patrick’s Day message.

This is one of those under 5 minute projects that you just know is going to bring a smile to your kid’s day!

To make this as easy and quick as possible, I used peel and stick foam to make the straw decorations.   First, I sketched out the mustache and lips on a piece of scrap paper to serve as a template.  Tip: Fold your paper in half and draw half the shape next to the crease.  Cut it out and reveal the full, and perfectly symmetrical shape.

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

I drew a mustache and lips.  Then, trace around your template on the paper backing of the foam.  Carefully cut out each shape with sharp scissors.

What you need for each silly straw:

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

Peel the paper backing off one piece and set the drinking straw in the middle with about 2 inches sticking up above the shape. Remove the paper backing from the other piece and Carefully line up and press the other foam piece to the back. These straws are double-sided cuteness!

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

On the lips, I used a gold permanent marker to write “Kiss Me, I’m Irish!” On the back side, I wrote “Pucker Up”.

St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime from

I am looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day to bust out these silly straws.  I know both of my boys will find it way too funny to have an orange mustache or big puffy green lips. Reminds me of the Silly Sucker Valentine’s we made a few years ago with foam lips and mustaches around the stick.

DIY St. Patrick's Day Silly Straws | Teal & Lime for

With these silly straws and Kristen’s St. Patricks Day Lunch Jokes, you are all set to pack the perfect St. Patty’s Day lunch!

Hope these brought a smile to your face today, as they surely will for any kid, or adult, in your life that would be amused by an orange mustache or a green pucker :)

Photographing Family Gatherings

It’s Photo Tip Tuesday! I missed last week, but it’s still heavy on my mind that there is a desire for more photography posts out there–I’ve made a list of things to share coming up!!!  Today, I’m sharing my article, How to Photograph Family Gatherings, that is over at the New York Institute of Photography.

A lot of us are getting together for Thanksgiving or Christmas with friends and family, and will bring the camera. I’m sharing tips on how to go beyond the normal shots, and telling a story with photographs at get togethers. So come on over and read the full article!

Fun Ideas for Photographing Family Gatherings

More articles on New York Institute of Photography such as How to Take Great Backlit Pictures and Creative Self Portraits

More Photo Tip Ideas

Thanksgiving Turkey Song~I Don’t Want to Eat the Turkey

When my second son was in kindergarten 4 years ago, he came home one early November day singing the Thanksgiving Turkey Song~I don’t want to eat the turkey, with so much exuberance and gusto that it has stuck in all of our heads as a favorite each year. It is a cute little song about a child who has come to love the live turkey, and wants to keep it as a pet. This could get controversial (vegetarians?) and really some kids might get sad when thinking about it, so you decide if it’s right for your family.  We love it, so I wanted to share. It’s to the tune of Battle Hymn of the Republic which most adults know, and it’s easy enough for kids to catch on.

thanksgiving turkey song

Click here or on the image to download.

It’s 8×10 in size, so can easily be transferred onto a Word Document to print at home, or printed as a picture.

Sharing this at TidyMom and Tatertots & Jello.