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Matching Christmas Jammies

Merry Christmas!!! I’m so grateful for the blessings of this year, and today to celebrate the birth of our Savior. I’m grateful for the blessing of His life and Atonement that was not only to cover my mistakes, but also to take away my sadness when I am low. I am so excited to share that I sewed for the first time some matching Christmas jammies for my entire family!

Handmade Matching Christmas Pajamas

Now don’t look to closely at the stitches, but I’m pretty pleased with myself! I was looking all over for something fun this year, and just couldn’t find it. On a whim last week, I went to Joann Fabric and bought all of the fabric and t-shirts. I don’t have a step by step on how I did it–just pictures. I looked on Pinterest and Google for tips, but I used a pattern (though there are lots of tutorials on just using an existing pair of pants).  My kids really wanted to match, and who am I to deny them the joy? Really, it’s my joy to have them match, too–it’s all about the pictures.

We had fun taking lots of pictures on Christmas Eve–my family is a great sport! I set the camera up on a tripod, and with my timer I ran on all of these.

Christmas Pajamas


Matching PJ's

Here are some of just the kids. I did some with a SUPER high ISO which were grainy (and kinda fun artsy) and then popped on the flash.

Christmas Eve Pictures

kids in pyramid


Then we said goodbye to the Elf on a Shelf, and on the last night, we got a letter saying we could finally touch him…as we say our farewells. Someone was a bit sad to say goodbye to Mr. J.J. Jingles.

elf on a shelf goodbye

As we all got dressed in our matching christmas jammies, my husband pulled up this video he saw on USA Today with a family that made a hilarious home video about their matching Christmas Jammies! Watch it HERE.

Then everyone went to bed, and mama and Santa got to work (taken with my phone at 2 am)

Duke Christmas tree

Have a very Merry Christmas!!

Handmade Christmas Pillows

It may be a tad late to order these handmade Christmas pillow covers for this year, but I thought they were so adorable I just wanted to share. Grab ‘em for next year, and at the very least, take a look at these adorable handmade shops. I love highlighting small businesses, because there is so much unique-ness and originality out there.

I did a little etsy search a few weeks ago for Christmas pillow covers, and thought these three needed a new home on my couch!

handmade christmas pillows

This little trio makes my couch happy, and me too!

These are from 3 different shops.

The first red/white striped pillow cover with green bow is from Sugga Lemons. Her shop is closed for the holiday, but she promises some adorable Valentine’s pillows once we hit the new year!

The second burlap rain deer pillow cover is from Elisabeth Michael directly HERE. She’s got a year end half off sale going on now!  Lots of other non holiday pillow covers, shower curtains, bobby covers, wallpaper, and placemats in gorgeous designs.

The third vintage truck pillow cover is from Shabby by Melissa found HERE. So many other adorable pillow covers, banners, blankets, and baby burp clothes as well.

Which do you love best?

Fabric Rosette Christmas Tree Ornament

I’ve mentioned before that I love anything with texture. Several years ago, I first saw fabric rosette necklaces from Allora Handmade, and fell in love with their textured goodness to add to clothing (especially for pictures). I have a few necklaces myself, and have tried to make a few. I also thought it’d be fun to work with some holiday colored fabric scraps to make a Christmas tree ornament, so that’s what I’m showing you today. I first shared this a few weeks ago when I was a guest on U-create crafts, where they’ve shared a lot of cute handmade ornaments.

This Fabric Rosette Christmas Tree Ornament  is SO easy to make, and done with all fabric scraps–we all keep hold of those, in case we need them for SOMETHING special, right? I love the way it turned out!

Rosette Christmas Tree Ornament

Have you ever made rosettes before? They can take a little bit of time, but I’ll sit and make a bunch while watching a movie. Check out this tutorial by my friend Jen (with other cute ideas for rosette’s, too). The first time you make rosettes might need a little extra patience, it’s using both hands to tightly twist and roll the fabric around itself, but after the first, you’re good to go!… Continue Reading

Handmade dresses for my girls

I love handmade clothing. Mostly because it is unique and no one else around will have it.  When my sister in law (husbands brother’s wife) offered to make something for my girls, I told her I had a stash of fabric that I had planned to do something with, that she could use.  I then searched all over online to find some cute ideas, and told her what I wanted. I photographed her family last summer, and she wanted to share her skills with me–I am so grateful! She wanted to see pics, so last Sunday when my girls wore them to church, I snapped a bunch of them in my foyer (with the front door open–lovely light).  I narrowed them down to these faves:

It was pretty much impossible to get the timing right with the two of them….

They’ve become fairly willing models for me…;)

{Stay tuned for another post this afternoon on a deal I want to make with you…my friendly readers.}