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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

My daughter and neighbor friend decided they wanted to do a dance/lip sync in the elementary school talent show. We procrastinated way too long on putting the dance moves together (my neighbor and I), and with just a few steps and 10 days to go, I called in re-enforcements from my friend Tracey. She is a dance teacher, after all. I thought I’d be able to come up with the basic choreography, but I am just WAY too rusty.  Did you know I was on drill/dance team all through middle school and high school? I was decent–definitely not the best, but I love to bust a move. It was fun to practice this with my girl, and I thought I’d share a video and a few snaps from us practicing. My hubby took the video on his phone, and for some reason, it didn’t transfer very well and is pretty pixelated. Oh well, you get the picture. You can hear that it was a whole family affair from the commentary;)


Here are a few snaps taken by my son (you can hear the clicking in the video)

It was fun to do with my daughter…maybe sometime I”ll share the pics of the 2 little girls dancing, they are much cuter, but I wanted to share one of my loves of dancing, today. Just call me Dance Mom.

Welcome to summer!

We had such a fun day today with my son’s 5th grade graduation, and 2 other school parties.  Let’s just say, he wasn’t thrilled to wear a tie to school (even though he does to church each week).  He isn’t a fan of all the attention. As bad as it may sound, I had to think twice before I wore the dress I had previously decided on b/c it clased with him (and my little one). I know, I’m weird.

I got to take pictures of each 5th grader that crossed the stage and got their “diploma.”

I took 150 pics like the one on the left…kids and teachers were supposed to look at me and smile…it was slightly awkward at times. My son’s teacher was my other son’s teacher last year, so she knows both of my boys well.  So comforting.  I was sitting by my hubby and little one, then moved across the aisle to take all the kids pics. Hubby took the below shot of me
Who knew carrying a chair could be so darn cute?!? (Don’t tell him I said that)
…his posse…I’m so glad my hubby was able to take off a few hours and join us…he isn’t able to get to the school functions very often. …then the first grader… It was also memorable for my daughter because she “looped up” with her kindergarten teacher and class (same for kinder and first), so saying goodbye was a little more tough.     Maybe some will remember, we made her the hand quilt last year.  I spent 7-11am at the school, came home to re-group, then took my toddler with me to Sams Club and Wal-mart to get balloons, a cookie cake, and other much needed groceries.  We made a sign and decorated the cake that said: Welcome to Summer! (I saw the idea online in a few places). The kids loved running through it!

Sadly, no pics of my 3rd grader and his teacher/friends…his moments were less momentous today, and I briefly saw him with all of the other running around.  He’s sure handsome though…fresh braces off and sparkly new teeth.  I’m very excited for the lazy days of summer…let them begin!