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2014 Goals

Happy New Year!!! I love the idea of a fresh start on January 1st. Last year, I made some blogging goals and personal goals, so I thought I’d type out a few again.  I can’t think of just one thing to work on, so I’ll just chat about the areas in my life that I want to improve. I think I’ll print this up and keep it as a reminder for myself.  Look at this, you’re getting two “on my mind” posts in one week from me.

I Also wanted to share the flip gram video I made of my Instagram highlights, since it was too long to share on Instagram!  Everyone was sharing their highlights in 15 seconds and my eyes couldn’t even focus on one image. So mine is about 2 minutes. I wish it started at the beginning of the year, but it goes backwards.


This little family of mine, I love them so! I am so grateful for my loving, supportive husband. My kids amaze me everyday, they love each other, which brings me so much joy. My goal: I want to just SIT with them in the afternoon when school is over. Have a snack with them, just BE. We’ve read chapter books together off and on, I need to pull that out again. Especially with my boys. I need to do more back scratches, they like that. Continue with one on one activities with them, and visit them at lunch at school more. I’ve slacked on that.  More family bike rides. I like that.… Continue Reading

Family Games for all Ages

Happy Black Friday! I prefer to order from my computer instead of fighting crowds, so I thought I’d share something for those doing the same thing as me! I’ve been on a hunt lately to find family games for all ages. Meaning, I want games that we can all play together and everyone has fun. My kids age from 4-13, and it can be tricky finding games that fit all of those ages. (Okay, maybe it isn’t ALL ages, but from younger to older). I did a Facebook poll recently, and asked a few friends their favorites, so I thought I’d share some of my research along with some tried and true that we love! I think games are the perfect gift at Christmas time for your own family, as well as for friends. We exchange names in mine and my husbands families, and games are perfect–in my opinion. I am not a “strategy” game kind of person, I’m a “conversational” game kinda gal, I want laughter and joy to come from games–at least during them.  Sometimes there is sadness at the end (when someone doesn’t win) but those are good life lessons, too–we can’t all win;) Click on the game names to see the (affiliate) link on Amazon.

Family Games for all Ages

First, our tried and true:… Continue Reading

Thankful for my Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving! At least to all you celebrating in the U.S. Even to those not eating a giant turkey today, I wanted to share with you my gratitude for my blessings. I have so much to be thankful for, and I like to reflect on that because sometimes I get frustrated with things in life, but remembering the little and big things bring me back to reality of what is important.

It’s the typical, grateful for my awesome, supportive husband. I can be grumpy sometimes, and he knows how to snap me out of it the best. We’ve had our ups and downs, but we get each other. Sometimes we feel we can’t even have a normal conversation at home with all of the noise, but we’ve taken time to go on little getaways–at least for the weekend–about once a year. I love those little getaways.

alaska love

I’m grateful I’m a mother. … Continue Reading

Photographing Family Gatherings

It’s Photo Tip Tuesday! I missed last week, but it’s still heavy on my mind that there is a desire for more photography posts out there–I’ve made a list of things to share coming up!!!  Today, I’m sharing my article, How to Photograph Family Gatherings, that is over at the New York Institute of Photography.

A lot of us are getting together for Thanksgiving or Christmas with friends and family, and will bring the camera. I’m sharing tips on how to go beyond the normal shots, and telling a story with photographs at get togethers. So come on over and read the full article!

Fun Ideas for Photographing Family Gatherings

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