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New LalaLoopsy Dolls

I’ve got two girly girls who love Lalaloopsy Dolls. If you remember, we did a Lalaloopsy birthday party for my daughters 3rd birthday a year or so ago. I fell in love with those dolls the first time I saw them. They are so bright and colorful–right up my alley! They have mini’s for the little hands, bigger dolls, and medium sized, too.

They’ve now come out with different varieties, and we were sent a Loopy Hair doll and 2 Workshop dolls–my girls thought that was so much fun!

Let me tell you a little about these dolls.

First, the Loopy Hair Doll:

Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair Doll

This doll is so adorable with it’s flowing long, blue hair It has extra soft, long hair that can be styled, twisted, braided, and brushed! This one is Mittens Fluff-n-Stuff. Isn’t that a cute name??… Continue Reading