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Family Meal Plan #6

Another week, another set of meals for the family!

Family Meal Plan #6 by

Since I didn’t share last weekend, I’ll start with Sunday!… Continue Reading

A Year with Six Sisters’ Stuff Cookbook

Who doesn’t love a brand new cook book filled with fabulous pictures, and easy to use recipes? I’m excited to review, A Year with Six Sisters’ Stuff, 52 Menu Plans, recipes, and Ideas to bring families together.

Six Sisters' Stuff Cookbook

First, let me say that I know and love each of the Six Sisters personally. I photographed them last year, and am really close with sister #2, KRISTEN! It’s a good thing she spells her name the right way, or maybe we wouldn’t be as good of friends!

I was so excited to flip through this book, and I love the layout of 52 menu’s. That’ a main dish, side, and dessert for each menu/day.

cookbook recipes

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Ham and Swiss Cheese Savory Crêpes

This article is sponsored by Alpine Lace®. The recipe, thoughts, and opinions are 100% my own.

I am a cheese LOVER! I always add extra cheese when making any recipe with the ingredient, because I don’t think you can have too much! I’m excited to share my husbands most requested meal (from the kids), French Crêpes! These Ham and Swiss Cheese Savory Crêpes will melt in your mouth. I used Alpine Lace® Swiss Cheese, which is reduced fat, using 2% milk, and can be found pre packaged by the fancy cheeses (in my local store), or in the deli freshly sliced.

Ham and Swiss Cheese Savory Crepes at

My husband was a missionary in France and lived there two years. He came home armed with culinary skills that would put most husbands to shame. Ok, really, it’s just a few meals he’ll make from scratch, don’t feel bad. He does a “Breakfast Jamboree” often once a week, which includes crêpes and pancakes alternating. He’s never had a recipe, just throws things together. I’ve been determined to write down his crêpe recipe to share here, and finally have it!… Continue Reading

25 Recipes with Leftover Ham

It’s Easter in a few weeks! The traditional Easter meal is a delicious HAM, so I thought I’d share some ideas on what to do with that leftover ham in the days after the big meal. I actually just cooked a ham a few weeks ago, and was amazed at how far the meat stretched for my family of six. Everyone loves it, and it was fun to throw it into a few different recipes. 

25 recipes with leftover ham

Below are some recipes I found online, click on each one to view the actual recipe.… Continue Reading