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Decorating with Portraits and Lolly Jane

I’m so  happy to have a guest for the day! Lolly Jane Boutique is here to share how they decorate their homes with portraits.  I filled up my dates in February before I heard back from these gals, so I asked if they’d love a day of their own in March. 
Hey there KDP readers!
We are excited to snag a day on Kristen’s cute site, showing you our simple photo galleries and how we decorate with portraits.
First we’d like to take a minute to introduce ourselves…
we are twin sisters Kelli & Kristi of Lolly Jane, an eclectic DIY blog filled with crafts, tutorials, home improvement projects and a tasty recipe or two.
We love to display our family’s personality through pictures and our personal style through photo galleries.  A great way to show that off is with picture frames… we rarely purchase a stock frame but tend to choose eclectic, shabby thrift store finds or make our own with decorative wood trim.
Here’s Kelli’s family room photo gallery with her 4 cute kiddo’s…
 …taken on a lazy Sunday afternoon when they were dressed in their Sunday best, happy and cheerful, in matching fun frames to reflect their moods:
 We’ve discovered the trick to taking a natural picture of our children isn’t to have them say “cheese!” but to tell a silly joke when they are smiling naturally ;)
Take a peek at Kristi’s current photo gallery:
It’s paired with the letter J, a picture taken of her family’s feet when their first son was 2 weeks old, displayed in a thrifted frame recently painted a chippy green…
…with funky frames and a meaningful printable inspired from Pinterest that ties it all together:
She is expecting her second son next month and have his ultra sound picture clothes pinned in the bottom funky frame until he is born and will be replaced with his sweet face.   We love how easy the pictures are to switch out and update while leaving the fun style alone :)
A BIG thanks to Kristen for having us here today!
We would love for you to stop by our blog and say HI sometime :)

Decorating with Portraits at Thirty Handmade Days

Hi everyone, I’m Mique from Thirty Handmade Days. When I’m not playing chauffeur, breaking up fights or being a cheerleader to my three kids, you can find me posting about crafts on 30days or running the Queen Bee Market. There is never a dull moment at our house!
I’m excited to talk about pictures today because it’s one of my favorite topics. My love for photography started long before I ever had a camera of my own. I used to buy disposable cameras and plaster my walls with pictures. Collages covered every surface in high school and college. I made a collage for my then fiance (now husband of 13+ yrs). So I thought it was appropriate to share a different take on a collage today.
My current phone takes better pictures than most of my previous DSLRs (amazing!). And because it’s always on me, my iPhone has taken over 2,000 pictures. I started using Instagram with the pictures I was taking and wanted to display them somehow. This is what I ended up with:

I narrowed down the pictures to ones that I feel *really* capture my family. While I adore and treasure professional photographs, these pictures are just so us. They are the funny moments, candid shots, pretty scenery and memories I do not want to forget.

I created a print with a quote to place in between the two collages because I absolutely believe:
Enjoy the little things for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.
Feel free to stop by 30days to get a printable version!

Now everyone who walks into our house gets to see our favorite moments as a family.
Thanks so much for having me Kristen! All of the ideas on here are fabulous- I can’t wait to incorporate more into our house.

Mique, this is fabulous!  I LOVE that my camera is always with my on my phone, and Instagram sure glams up an ordinary image. What a great way to share the everyday moments in your home, and along with that quote– it just melts my heart. Thank you! I’m looking forward to meeting Mique at the SNAP! conference in April, and SO excited to shop at the Queen Bee Market she has organized. I am loving the Welcome to the Neighborhood ideas, and anniversary gift ideas. Mique is also on facebook and pinterest.

Decorating with Portraits at Infarrantly Creative

My name is Beckie, the tri blogger behind Infarrantly Creative, Knock off Décor and Roadkill Rescue.

Pop Art or Andy Warhol style paintings or posters are such a bright and fun way to add some color to a kid’s space or playroom. Today I wanted to show you a technique that makes it look like it is actually a painted picture rather than just a poster.

andy warhol pop art

Now I can’t do all the photoshop work so I had Johnnie from Saved By Love Creations do it for me.

I sent Johnnie these pictures of my kids…



and she worked her magic and they came out looking like this…


Aren’t they so awesome? I love how she took the picture of my daughter looking upward to look like the sun is shining in her face. We got them printed them out on 20” x 20” poster paper for me from.


I got some 1” MDF cut to 19” x 19” and painted the edges white then I used some 3M 77 Spray Adhesive to adhere them to the MDF. I sprayed the MDF and the back of the print. It makes it SUPER sticky. Then I placed the MDF carefully on the back of the poster. You definitely want to get it right the first time, there is no replacing it once it is down.


After it was dry I flipped it over and used an Exacto knife to cut away the excess. Then I used some sandpaper and sanded downward to make the edges look a little worn.


Then I used the magic stuff. It is called Z-gel, it is a canvas texturizing medium If you google “canvas texturing medium” there are a few other brands, but I got the Z-gel from a local shop for free so I don’t have any secret sources. They use this stuff in frame shops to take $5 poster prints and transform them into what looks like an oil painting. Oh..yah…and then they sell them for $100. Using the lines the print already had, I took a one inch foam brush and “painted” the poster. I tried following the lines and curves that Johnnie created. I created texture where there was supposed to be some definition with simple brushstrokes.



Thin strokes are the best. The kind where you don’t even see the white of the glue. This stuff is photo safe and great on posters, prints and giclees. It dries super quick. So if you want to go back and highlight areas later you can. After it as all dry I used screws and wire to create a hangar on the back. It is very important to use screws and not nails when you work with MDF.



Now it looks like I painted these myself with oil paints. They have a neat shiny texture to them. I love the way they look hanging in my playroom. It adds some charm and whimsy to my otherwise messy playroom.

IMG_0037 IMG_0038

pop art

Beckie, those are super cute artistic representations of your children, thank you for sharing!  I am sure they love them, too. Thanks also for the step by step of how you got the end product. You really need to go see all of Beckie’s fun sites: I recently spent lots of time on Knock Off Decor.  She shows fancy store bought items and will feature the “knock off” of that item, like this platform storage bed from Pottery Barn.  You can even submit your ideas if you’ve knocked off something from  the popular stores. Very cool!  And on her original/main site, Infarrantly creative, I loved this tutorial on 5 ways to fake a mantel.  I really needed this in my last home with no fireplace! You can find Beckie in many places, but facebook and pinterest are a few other spots besides those mentioned above.

Decorating with Portraits at Brown Paper Packages

 Hello friends! I’m Kierste, the girl behind Brown Paper Packages, and I’m delighted to be here!I love being surrounded by photos of my family–from the past and the present.  Nothing evokes stronger feelings of home, love, and belonging than photos, and they can remind us of memories that otherwise might have dwindled or been forgotten. Quite simply, they remind of us who we are.I recently acquired a bunch of wood pallets, and I couldn’t wait to get going on a list of projects that I had in mind for them.  I had a vision of using them to display family photos, and there was a blank spot in my house just right for it. Sometimes there are just SO many pictures I want to display, but I don’t have the space to put them all.  This project is perfect for a lot of pictures–in a smaller space.
 I adore the end result.  The clothespins make it extremely versatile, and I can switch pictures in and out whenever I like.  I’ve clipped our most recent family pictures, but I thought about displaying past photos that were taken during the current season or holiday. It would be so fun to feature old Halloween pictures at Halloween, Christmas pictures at Christmas time, etc.
For the full tutorial, click HERE.
Thank you so much for having me, Kristen!  I hope you’ll stop by Brown Paper Packages to say hi…I’d love to have you!
What a fun Idea! Palette’s are all the rage, but I haven’t seen pictures displayed with them–love it! I love how many can be displayed in one space as well. Check out these O-Henry bars on her site, and this framed magnet board.  You can find Kirste on Facebook and pinterest.