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Halloween at Our Home

Happy Halloween! Enjoy a little snippet of our fam, as we got dressed up last weekend for our church Fall Festival, our dry run for Halloween Night!  I can’t ever miss an opportunity for a fun family picture, so we got a few pictures  outside of our garage as we were heading out the door.

Happy Halloween Family Picture

I’m kindof a procrastinator when it comes to costumes.… Continue Reading

Happy Halloween!!!

My left to right: LaLaLoopsey–Crumbs Sugar Cookie to be exact (same theme as her birthday party last spring). I’ve got a BYU football player, a warrior, and a vampire. This was from our church Fall Festival last Saturday, they’ll look this same tonight;)

For myself, I got just 2 accessories to make my costume, can’t decide if I’m a kitty cat or a cheetah. I like cheetah.

It is easy and fun!

Now for a close up smiley shot;) I put some gold glitter in my hair, you can sorta see it if you look close here…it kinda just looks like hairspray residue.

Have a fun Halloween!!!

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