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Parmesan Lemon Chicken

The Parmesan Lemon Chicken is one of my kids favorite meals. I really only share our favorites on here, so you have to know it’s major when I do.

Parmesan Lemon Chicken


This recipe was first introduced to me by my friend Linda over 7 years ago … Continue Reading

Baked Corn Flake Chicken

I can’t even tell you how excited my kids were at the deliciousness of this meal! I’m always wanting kid-friendly and quick meals, and this fits into both categories. After my 13 year old (growing, eating me out of house and home) son took a bite of one piece of chicken, he hoarded 5 more pieces onto his plate to ensure he’d get enough.  With how active they are with sports and school and everything, I want to make sure they are eating right. Especially on game days, they need a good, hearty meal after exercising.   Baked Corn Flake Chicken I think I’ve shared before that my husband has been the soccer coach to both of my boys (on the same team). … Continue Reading

Chicken Curry Broccoli

It’s the perfect time of year to stop and take a minute to count your many blessings. We gathered some friends together for a gratitude blog hop because we wanted to let our families know just how much we love and appreciate them. I’m sharing my Chicken Curry Broccoli recipe because it’s the favorite dish of the people I’m the most grateful for–my family! After you check out the recipe, visit my friends (and see their cute family pictures) below to see what they created with the “Gratitude” theme. There are recipes, printables and family traditions included in this blog hop.

This is one of our families favorite dinner recipes. I got it from a college dorm cookbook, and now have it memorized. My kids literally cheer when I tell them I’m making Chicken Curry Broccoli for dinner.

chicken curry broccoli recipe

I’ve hesitated to share it on the blog for a while for 2 reasons:… Continue Reading

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of McCormick & Company for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Family dinner time is sacred around our home. We sit up to dinner every single night together. Sometimes it’s rushed, rarely it’s out to eat, on the occasional Friday we make a picnic with pizza for our movie night.  Around the dinner table is the only set time that we have to be together as a family–engaging in conversation that includes everyone. I aim to make meals around my kids pickiness because I want dinner time to be pleasant for all involved. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to bring out conversation, but it’s mostly a happy time. As a momma, that’s all I want–happy.

I’ve been trying to expand my cooking repertoire lately. The past three months we’ve had my husbands’ sister and her little family living with us. In exchange for room and board, she cooks dinner every other night, and it’s taken the monotony out of cooking for me. It’s been nice to have that little break, and I get more excited to experiment a little with new recipes.

Enchiladas were a staple a round my house growing up. I shared a month or so ago our family favorite Quick and Easy Beef Enchiladas, which my kids currently love. I had a friend in high school whose mom made the most delicious creamy chicken enchiladas. I thought I’d try my hand at them for a little change.  I got the recipe from the McCormick site, and used their recipe with the enchilada sauce mix packet.  I’ve been compensated for this post  to try out this recipe, but all opinions are my own. Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas Using the McCormick seasoning really makes the recipe quick and painless. I had some issues with photographing this recipe, but they were REALLY delicious! I was worried my kids wouldn’t go for the green chili’s inside, but they weren’t detected–yipee!! … Continue Reading